June 5, 2009

A wait....

Confusion of love
His absence prevails
I want to play the blame game
Accuse him today for being so lame

Not a letter or even a note
Just walked pass the door
Leaving me alone
And took away my smile, as if it was his own

I miss him still
Why i don’t know
My tears haven’t dried and the pain still fresh
All i am left with body of flesh

My heart still beats but still for him
With ever knock of the door it still hopes
That he might return, realising his mistake
All this will end, the hurt and the endless ache

I gave him my heart
And all my soul
His love was my heaven
A dream of being snowhite with dwarves seven

A dream of him, a dream of us
Reality is hard and i am forced to open eyes
To come in terms with the hole in my heart
How was i to know that his end was my start?

My eyes look for him in every gathering
My ears ache to hear his breath
His laughter echoes at every corner
And today for him i am just a foreigner

I want it to stop
I want my love to fade
Want to burn away his memories
Want my heart to hate
And all it does is wait...and wait.....

PS: sorry guys...was busy ...or should i say i am busy with my papers so will try and be regular....


  1. i already told u how much i loved it :-)
    i will repeat it again...abolutely loved it :)
    truly amazing :)

  2. loved it swetha....truly nice poem..!!!

  3. its tragically romantic...if you kno what i mean...lovely

  4. @freelancer

    yes i knw its a tragically romantic...thnks alot...


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