June 5, 2009

Here I'm!

Ok ok! I know it has been long since I dropped a line here. Blame it on exams and a million other things. I hate structure and my mind has a mind of its own. But I guess, since my Lounge is back to normal, it is only normal that I get back too? Hope the welcome is a pleasant one.

So tell me tell me, did you miss me? 

I have realised as a person, I love structure but I thrive on chaos. Welcome to the paradox called me.

I have realised as a writer, I'm moody but the littlest of things can inspire me. Welcome to the craziness called me.

I have realised as a worker, I'm a loner but I'm a good team player. Welcome to the MAD me. 

I have realised as a friend, I'm there for you when you need me but not always around. Welcome to the moody me.

What I really want to say is that I may not always be there, not always around but somewhere, somehow, I'm always around!


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  2. Me First :D
    awww that was such a cute post gal :-)
    LUVVED it :-)

    and welcome back! i dont know if i shd be welcoming because when i have been on a recluse for long too :P

    but then i love the paradoxical, crazy, mad and not so around friend cum my precious gem too much to not be the first to welcome her :)

    and whatsoever ur i just love you too much
    Love ya

    p.s. i was the first one ...deleted that post due to my famous grammatical errors :P

  3. woaaahhh...gal wb..i am sure many of us missed the crazy gal...n all in all i missed wl tooo...

    so cheers

  4. welcome back Girl....missed you..!!!

    come bac soon with ur regular posts...!!!

  5. exams khatam???? gud....welcome bk fulltime!!!!

  6. hey nice post...
    welcome back Rash...

  7. wat welcome back ??? u were always here for me!!! have fun :)


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