June 22, 2009

Monday Delight with Shweta.

Interview Date:19th June,2009
Interviewee:Shweta aka I,Me,Myself.
Interview Time: 6.29 pm to 10.11pm

hello Shweta
Shweta: heya admin
Admin: are you ready?
Shweta: yes i am :) * nervous*
Admin: first question is the usual :) tell abt urself and ur blog(s).
and nervousness is ok no problem i will make sure to make you feel comfortable
Shweta: hmm i am shweta....from delhi...most of the wl knws me as i ,me and myslf or as tweety my blog life - a hope is all about little things in life dat i have seen around...
a child smiling, a heart break and even d household quarrels....all little tiny things th at make our life happy and sad.
Admin: very intersting but Shweta why you named it as Life- A hope? any particular reason behind it?
Shweta: not really...i was sad dat i made my blog....sometimes we just need hope and thats what i was looking for that moment n so the title :)
Admin: Okay! If we ask you to name your blog other then Life- A Hope what it would be?
Shweta: Our lives in words
Admin: Thats interesting title again.
Tell us something about your nick that you gave yourself, I mean why you chose to write with a nick " I , Me and Myself '?
Shweta: aahhh me quite a self centerd person - so i chose the name i me and myself...for me it signifies being accpetable to my own self...i for shweta...me for who she is....myself for who she has become...
Admin: Thanks for defining us that, Shweta who introduce you to WL or or how you joined WL ?
Shweta: i came across wl thru nikk akka the silent soul....
Admin: When you joined WL and how is the experience so far?

Shweta: yes i made friends and many have gained a lot of respect from me cuz of what they are and for there talents
1. rashi
she is a svthrt....or should i say d devilish angel....read her poems got inspired to write more and finally wid gtalk i came to knw her bettr....she has been a gr8 support overall as a frnd
2. leo
aahhh what shld i say about the poetry king.....when i first talkd to him i found him shy...or shld i say more of an introvert...but honestly wid tym dat i have talked to him he is a svhrt...he is someone i would want to come and tell my prblms to and he would listen patiently...his work....i dont think i reaalyy have to put words to dat...we all knw hw magnificent leo writes
3. ste
he is another svthrt....he is the one i want to contact first when my blog updates...and when i knw i have written miserable to tell me i have written an amazing piece...lolzz....i call him my senior or the story king....being in d same profession it has been fun teasing him...overall an admirable person
4. nabs
or nabila or the mysterious gal
she is someone who relates best to my posts...she is one who cheers me up wid her words of wisdom....her poems touch me so deeply as if written just for me...overall a svt person and i cherish d little talks we have had
5. prats
i dnt knw her much as a person but den she is a gr8 inspiration and a teacher too....her poems are master pieces in itself...so i love her works...
6. kan
7. tan
both of them i admire for their work....
as of now i think i knw only these...n i am sorry if i missed someone....

Admin: okay that was a long one :D I beleive members will be happy seeing there name listred
Shweta: hahah srry i write a lot...n i talk a lot
Admin: Shweta what WL is to you? thats alright. :P
Shweta: wl i wont say is my family....i havent really been dat heavily involved in it...but yes its an imp part of my life...for me WL is a platform to put on my thought and be told svthrt ur not going crazy we all feel the same thing...i like it when i feel i am not alone in this boat of life...WL is a place where i get to be inspire by what others write...to be happy when i so much of talent budding in...n lastly WL is a boon....for me its gr8 to be a part of it or should i say honoured to be a part of it.

Admin: Do you think some members are being selfish in posting and commenting on their own work and not reading others?
Shweta: i should count myself first of all in that list...cuz i havent been that active these days...but then its an individuals choice....i would i agree its not right but i wouldnt comment if someone chooses to do that
i am liking u admin...u seriously seem to be quiet lenient on me.
Admin: what is the one thing that can make you delete a blog of yours?
Shweta: i wouldnt delete my blog...cus just that day rash told me the blog doesnt get blocked if u dont post in it for long time...so i dnt think i would ever delete it...but quite a possibility i might not write in it....sometimes it feels i cant write...so soemtimes the thought of not writing but nothing as such

Admin: Well I beleive this phase comes in every writers life, Shweta what do u think, the best part about WL , which makes it different from others?
Shweta: brb admin...just a moment
Admin: sure
Shweta:Wl is different becuz we have the freedom to write whatever we want…..though I was offended by ppl giving opiniated views about some posts…but d best I like in WL is d fact that the suggestion of ever member is take into account….we can talk about anything and everything and express our feelings into words…no matter on what it is…I mean see we have criket, politics, love, crime everything at one place…what else do we want

Admin: So beautifully you have described.. :)

Shweta: thnkuuuu admin i hope i m not actually boring u
Admin: Shweta what do u think about the recent issues abuduntly rising in WL families liking walking away and all, what do u think is the reason and how it can be cured?
Shweta: yes i just saw a goodbye post today itslef n its really sad....
but i dnt think u shld be walkign away...tell me if we all say that wl is our family then dont we have feeds in family...do the members walk away...i dnt thnk so...n also if u have any prblm give ur opinion...all d admins are gr8....they listen...so i dnt think u really need to go away wid it....it hurts us all....
i love wl becuz we all voice our opinions...we fight we find a soln n we get to a common point....but if u go away hw can we solve...walking away is not a soln
Admin: Thats true, so what we can do for prevention, any suggestions?
Shweta: i cnt say admin...cuz its an individuals choice...all i can request from members is the fact that pls if u have a prblm say it....but dnt leave thy family
u there admin?
Admin: yeah i am sorry... i am back
ok shweta if you have the honours to present an award to one member of the WL family who it would be and why?

Shweta: just one member?? admin not fair...
hmmm.. let me think.. i guess... it would be... Rashi
why because of an amazing person she is...and fr her words...in which she beautifully expresses her feelings....
Admin: okay Shweta now we are starting rapid fire round
are you ready?
Shweta: ohk admin
Admin: In a fight between Tom and Jerry , you will support..?
Shweta: jerry.. he is cute n small like me :)
Admin: Your first friend on blogsvilla?
Shweta: rashi

Admin: You are not comfortable with...?
Shweta: mirrors... they tell d truth which at times is not want u want to c
the admin doesnt seem to like me :(
Admin: no shweta noting is like that
okay Stephen or Sandeep?
Shweta: stephen
Admin: In humor Arjun or Stephen?
Shweta: i havnt read arjun so i wld say stephen again
Admin: The wickest things in your life you did was...
Shweta: burst crackers outside my princi's office :P

Admin: Leo is Prince of poetry you agree?
Shweta: yes anytime
Admin: StepMan or Malan? which series?
Shweta: malan

Admin: Who are three Prose Kings and Queens on WL ? with ranking please
Shweta: kings - leo, tan and i guess aditya

Admin: okay in poetry who are 3 best poet and poetesses
again with ranking
Shweta: poet - leo, tan, n den mav
queen - prats, rash n den

Admin: You love...?
Shweta: smiles on faces of everyone around me

Admin: You would............ If you ever get a chance?
Shweta: fly out from the aircraft on a parachute in an emergency situation..
srry it wldnt be funny dat time...but i want to sense dat gravity thing while falling down :P :D

Admin: On a scale from 0-10 , you will give yourself how much on maturity?
Shweta: 3
Admin: gime two minutes
Shweta: hmm sure
Admin: sorry for the delay
Shweta: no issues.... :)
Admin: tell me one thing in life for which you waited for long?

Shweta: and i have got it or i am still waiting?
Admin: do u think we really need 9 moderators for wl management ? or wud u like to suggest anything regarding lounge management
Shweta: i think its gud to have 9 admins cuz when some are buzy thers are free...so if anyone who wants to talk to admin can easily contact....i think all d admins are great...and my family is in great hands...no change reqd :) :P
Admin: yeah exactly.. suppose u r stranded alone in an island....wht wud be the 3 things that u will take with you

Shweta: hmmm.. my ipod, some food to keep me alve for some days, n hot funny guy who can keep me company :P :)
Admin: why a hot funny guy to accompany you? it cud be a girl whm u cud think of as a soul sister

Shweta: hmm actually not really a bad idea but i would still prefer a guy....den wapas aane ka man nahi karega na ;)
Admin: aww..so u want to stay away frm ur family.. does it means so
Shweta: naaaaa
Admin: wapas aana ka man nahi karega ka use kyun hua tha?
Shweta: it just means if i have no means of coming back den it wuld be nice to have such keep company
Admin: would u nt miss ur family ?
if so whom wud u miss the most
Shweta: yes i would...my dad would be one person i wld miss d most

Admin: if dad is the one person u miss the most.....wht will ur mumma react if she reads this answer of yours
Shweta: she wouldnt comment presently we had a rough tiff....and anywys even if she wld...she knws i wldnt be actually missing her cuz most of d tyms we just end up fighting :P
Admin: so does it means u wont wish happy mothers day wishes to her on mothers day
Shweta: aaawwww dtas not fair admin....
Admin: as per ur answer understanding between u and mumma isnt that great
Shweta: naaa dts not true admin its just dat i love fighting wid her :)

Admin: oh fighting with mumma must be fun....haven't really tried it
Shweta: hehehe yes u must :P
Admin: Which one is easy drowning deep in thoughts or in pool
Shweta: in pool thoughts are irritating and demanding
Admin: hmm...committing suicide or leaving lounge.
Shweta: hahah neither...i love my life n d lounge
Admin: john abraham in lungi or amitabh bachhan in shorts
Shweta: hmm john abraham in lungi
Admin: wud u think this wud turn our as a revolution amongst youngsters out
Shweta: huh...i dnt think guys fancy being in a lungi these days :)

Admin: "ignorance is a bliss" justify and comment on the statement
Shweta: hmm.. for me its d poor children who die of ignorance of their parents....the poor clittle children all over india die of malnutrition...for me its d ignorance of d father who blames the mother for d birth of his daughter...for me ignorance is d cause y we refuse to growup...ignorance is bliss....
Admin: hmm

Shweta: can i ask btw something
Admin: yes ask
Shweta: did i have a change in d admin during d course of interview or is it still d same
Admin: same
Shweta: ohk :)
Admin: wht is the name of the cylinder with raduis "z" and height "a"
Shweta: ouch i am weak at maths admin
Admin: quit engineering.. u dnt knw formula for volume of cylinder
Shweta: thns fr telling me too late fr change of profession
Admin: its "PIzza"
Shweta: pi r saqure h.. ohh yaaa pizzaa :P
Admin: haha see intelligent admin me :p
Shweta: hehehe :P

Admin: what is the probablity that yuvraj will hit a 6,if dhoni hits a 4?
Shweta: i just yold u admin i am week at maths
Admin: thts nt maths dear
Shweta: zero probability
Admin: think out of the box idea duu ? :p
Shweta: do ji
Admin: illogical question dear
Shweta: had hai :)
Admin: where is the connectivity between 2,haina illogical ?
who according to u are the 3 big people of wl? you slept???
Shweta: no how can i sleep when i am under arrest :P
hmm i guess ste kan leo and even sandeep n asbo
srry dat wasnt 3
Admin: who is the rajnikanth of WL?
Shweta: sandy.... lolzz
Admin: what makes u say that sandy is the lounge 's rajnikant :p
Shweta: :P just he is d first one who came to my mind n plus when i think comedy in wl sandy comes in mind....
Admin: then do u think real rajnikanth will regret after reading this statement of yours
for him being compared to sandy
Shweta: naa i dnt think so....every write up of sandeep dat i have read has made me laugh n smile...n honestly sandy is gr8 at it

Admin: sandy rocks.... sandeep balan implies masti and fun then what does sandeep malan imply
Shweta: more masti n fun a n a bit of idiocy mixed wid laughter...
Admin: what do you think about monday delight series come back ?
Shweta: wid me its gr8 :P
Admin: so let me check if you knw facts related to writers lounge?
Shweta: i dnt think so i wil knw but i ll try
Admin: writers Lounge was founded by which 3 people ,on which day and which date?
Shweta: it was ste asbah sandeep
Admin: day nd date

Shweta: hmm let me think
Shweta: it was 17th july 2008
Admin:who is the youngest member of WL?any idea
Shweta: princess sonshu i guess....she is 14 na...i dnt think ny1 younger dan her
Admin:it is roshni she is 12 :)
Shweta: ohkk :)

Admin:so,wl has witnessed how many contests till now
Shweta: hmm first was rain drenched then d inspiration contest den d LOL contest
Admin:what is your idea about Lounge awards?you think we shud have an annual award function where we would felicitate members
Shweta: yes i guess...it would be a way to appreciate every member in WL
Admin:shall we proceed to see what members have to ask you ok
Shweta: okez :)

Admin:criss asks"what is more imprtant to you...a post that comes from deep within ur heart...or something that can touch other's hearts?"
Shweta: something dat can touch oders hearts...
Admin:vinay asks "why is you blog named life - a hope?"
Shweta: i already answered dat leo....we just need hope at times to move one....and when i created the blog i did need dat hpe dats all...
Admin:leo asks "what poetry form you prefer to write more? and why?"
Shweta: sad poetry....i tend to write dem more easily no leo...u already no dat....
and plus i can put more emotions in dem and make dem as painful as i want
Admin:yes we are aware of it
Shweta: :)
Admin:insi asks "whom you see as a role model in WL? who admires you the most?"

Shweta: nik as d role model and rashi fr d admiriation part :)
Admin:aarthi says"I personally love her acros and her poetry in hindi... whats your source of inspiration? something that inspires her the most?"
Shweta: pain is my inspiration...the confusion in lives of others is my inspiration...the smile on d face of my little niece is my inspiration....the love of my parents is my inpiration...the support of my brother is my inspiration...little things dat all inspire me

Admin:sonshu asks "what do you think is the secret of writing?"
Shweta: the pen of heart and the ink of emotions
Admin:sonshu again asks "why you write, everyone has a different purpose, some write to express, some simply, some bcoz they are pouring with things to say?"
Shweta: i write when i am frustated to core...and i can give my anger on to that white paper which readily absorbs it...i write when i am happy....to paint the white paper with colours....so dat it makes my life brighter n much happier :P
Admin:aravind wants to know your thoughts on the prospects of our nation in your generation
Shweta: our nation can devlop and reach new heights only if we allow it...only if our lovely politiciancs leave their own selfish interests and look for d intersts of the country....if every individual in this country takes it as his or her priority to make it better and take it on d path of development and prosperity

Admin:pulkit wants to know the reason for selecting your pen name as i,me ,myself and significance of the same and why only this pen name?
Shweta: aahhh pulkit i gave dat answer to d admin....me quite a self centerd person - so i chose the name i me and myself...for me it signifies being accpetable to my own self...i for shweta...me for who she is....myself for who she has become...
srry admin i just copy pasted it...
Admin:never mind
Shweta: as to why only dis pen name cuz dis is d best which describes me
Admin:prats asks why do you like tweety so much?
Shweta: heheheh nice ques prats....tweety is dis one cute name given to me by kan...n i love it cuz it is as cute as me :) n plus d tag allows me to b a kid....which i am by heart n mind.. d
Admin:hmm.. sandeep asks " what if the sun were to rise in south?"
Shweta: den the feng shui guys n d vastu shastra guys will have to change their norms :)
Admin: wht if it sets in south
Shweta: funny answer fr d funny guy.... i am liking this interview after all :D :P

Admin:ste says "It has been noticed that most of the bloggers in blogworld are actually technology students in form of Engineers and many others related to computer field.Do you think that they have ample time to write such stuffs in form of poems,stories etc.You are a future engineer and I hope you could better understand this thing.Who is your role model behind writing? and where do you see yourself after 3 years from now.? One more thing how come you guys write such really good poems... .teach me :P
Shweta: ohk dats like whole loads many ques....ya so d engineers are all vela ppl who have nothing to do till dere semsters come...so to pass time dey right ste...
n being a future engg mr senior i think i am as vela as a ny of u right nw...role model behind writing none - but yes nik i would say is d reason i am writing in d blog world....3yrs down d line finishd my btech and bitching about getting no placement :) ahhh so poetry...so someone is here being modest haan...ste though iu d story king but still u right gud enuf poetry urself n i dont think a novice like me can teach u dat... i guess i am thru wid d question or did i leave behind anythin

Admin: arun asks "one thing that you would like to change in your past or present"
Shweta: aahhhh i dnt think admin i would answer abt d past....in present just d short temperness in me...
Admin: sandeep asks " if wl were ur bf ,then 3 things u love abt him"
Shweta: WL?
Shweta: hahahah ohk
1. its eq is tooooo high
2. it would understande me for who i am
3. i wouldnt get bored wid him ever

Admin:sandeep asks " if wl were your ex bf,then 3 reason for dumping him "
Shweta: wide smile aaww not fair
1. he is too emotional
2. he keeps me too busy...i cant get into oder errands
3. he fights wid me when he shldnt
third one is lame.. but i couldnt get any oder reason.. sandy seriously not fair

Admin:nabila asks "what are the things u learnt or gained from WL which impacted u the most in real life?"
Shweta: d fact dat i am not alone is d best thing i learnt from wl...when u not alone u tend to take ur pain less seriously....u dnt question why me...i have learnt to accpet things for what dey are...nia mthanks to wl for dat....n wl has given me frnd which i can cherish for life time....each of them making me learn in their own different ways...

Admin:apurva asks "what motivated you to join wl?"
Shweta: nik akka the silent soul did...all thnks to him i joined....

Admin:so we have come to an end of the interview.
any message for your fellow loungers
Shweta: aahhh nothing much...enjoy my interview ...give gud comments ebven if u dont like it...and keep encouraging me for what i write...i wouldnt do it widout ur encouragement...so i am litrally threatning u guys to do dat :P :) luv u all....
thanks admin for bein so sweet n yet not so sweet :P :D i loved it to core

Admin: your message for sandeep , asbah and ste
Shweta: thanku for creating this place...god bless u all.i am sure for many of the loungers...dey eat breath and sleep with d lounge...so thanku for makiing this place so special...n ya if u wldnt have done dat i wouldnt be getting interviewed na :P so thanks for dat also

Admin: any message for the person who is interviewing you :P
Shweta: thanku for being so nice and considerate wid ur questions...app aur apke sawaal na hote to pata nai mera kya hota....heheheh on a serious note seriously i just told ste before d interview i was hell nervous abt it...so thanks for making it so comfortable and not d torturous experience i was expecting it to b.... thankuuuu admin hugs

Admin:any way shweta...it was nice knowing lots of things about you.... hope fellow loungers can know you well......from now nice talking to you good night
Shweta: same here admin...my pleasure... gn admin.... n choco dreams
Admin:best of luck for your future endevours
Shweta: thankuuu
Admin:gud nite and sweet dreams
Shweta: thnks once agian admin
Admin:welcome bye

Next Monday Delight with Insiya


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