June 21, 2009

Companon for me is you..

Crushed hopes, dark world, lost ways and killed aspirations

Once, there was a world of such devastations.

Mourning continued, sobbing followed, night kept creeping in

Plight like this, and a girl fastened there in.

And all the miracles of which mortals are aware; seemed false

Nothing worked, all went in despair.

Indeed the only thing she needed was a little love, a little care

Or may be a little stretched hand to support; but

None came, none bothered and she was left alone.

For a while, suddenly the prayers seemed to come true

On a far land, came an angel, as human he grew

Ripping the darkness, steeped in her little world, wiped her tears off

Making an unsaid promise, held her hand and walked short

Entwined fingers, shivering body and a new ray of hope

Inside she was afraid, but knew now she ll cope

She knew, the angel came for her, came to love and trust her

Yes, she knew he came to be a companion of her

Oh, how happy she was, to be loved, to be cared, to be trusted all again

Unending tears followed, but this time, not in vain.

P.S. It's the nearest poem to my heart...something which came so deep from my heart that i almost forgot that it was just a mix of words...:)
P.P.S. It's a repost....from my brand new blog
❤❤~~Mirage~~❤❤ exclusively on poetry and all kinda fiction :)
P.P.P.S. Like always i am again going to say sorry....as soon as may exams ended...office started..:( :( and so i cudn get time to chck WL..:( :( m so sorry..:( :( i ll start commenting and posting again...hopefully mod ll forgv me for that :P


  1. one of the best acrostics i came axross!

    keep it up

  2. Thanks run, hashan and aparna...glad that u guys liked it :)

  3. It's really special for me :)

  4. Woooooooooooww!!!! I just loved it!

  5. aha one of the best acrostic i came accross.....
    Superb choice of words.....
    Delivers the exact feel....

  6. wow...that was a good n nice acrostic dear....liked it..!!!

    very nicely written...!!!


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