June 22, 2009

Shakespeare redefined...

I was sitting in class the other day while my teacher was reading Julius Caesar and suddenly i thought why not write a poem on the Great Shakespeare ( I used to previously hate him and cursed him but these days i feel he is the best thing that happened to ENGLISH language! Mwah shakespeare!) so here i am once again after a long time with a poem on Shakespeare:

Caesar's and Anthony's
Romeo and Juliet
Humor or Romance
He masters it all
From conspiracy to love story
to murders to twists
His plays have it all
Melodramatic and superstitious
Witches and wizards
Rulers and countrymen
Prince and Princess
He has it all
Shakespeare he is
and we love him for that
In the minds of children
Soul of teachers
And pages of many books
Because Shakespeare he is....

Okies fellas tada for now..do tell me how it is!
Cya and i truly miss ya..and since my term exams are starting from July 16th its gonna be tough but i will update my blog regularly and will try the same here. My school friends want me to post SVH soon so i'll do that too soon!

Till next time
keep reading and writing!


  1. I Like Shakespear too - but having read his works and that of our Rabindranath, I still find the later better in many senses...

    Probably, because I do not understand English that much :P

    .. Anyways - good to have such posts in Writers Lounge - these are the types of posts which we should encourage more :)

    God post Sonshu .. thanks for sharing :)

  2. We're doing Shakespeare in English at school now! In fact we had a lesson just today :) I used to admire him, until I found out he stole ideas from other people and pretended that the ideas were his!

  3. I love Shakespeare! Was an English Graduate student myself... hated him while I had nightmares preparing for my sessionals...

    But just yesterday I was discussing Antony and Clropatra and Julius Caesar with a friend... I just love his writes!

    Good one Sonshu!

  4. @Tan: hmm..ive had some of Rabindranath's Poems and i like it...But yeah Shakespeare is different a lot i feel. I like both

  5. wow!..guess must read of d BARD b4 i proclaim myself as a bard ;)

  6. That was a nice poem Sonu :) Loved it..How u doin?

  7. haha.. i hated him too until i saw this post dear!! Sweet poem.. Shakespeare would feel happy! :P

  8. Nice write..
    me too luv shakespeare's stories...
    n i luv his poems even more...
    try reading romeo n juliet in real shakespearean english.... best thing...

  9. What did u say?? u hated Shakespeare??? yaar....he is realy the best person to have lived....if he wasnt there....English language is smiling with joy even today....for having crowned him with the jewelery of words..!!!

    And the poem, it was truly beautiful...!!!

  10. @Yamini: Shakespeare is a torture during exams...well now ive begun to like it and i can tell it out loud...in MY SLEEP!


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