June 26, 2009

MJ - We will miss you!

Michael Jackson is no more! He left for the heavenly abode this morning after a heart attack at home. He was 51. Let’s not mourn, but celebrate his life – his songs – his words and his magic!

God Bless the King of Pop!

May his soul rest in peace!
One of my favs: MJ - Black or White


  1. I sob silently for about 5 minutes and then immediately went in my room and play "dirty diana", and I have a smile on my face! for some unknown reason... Did He ever died? Did janis joplin, kurt cobain, jimmy hendrix ever died? I guess... No! these people have made themselves Irreplaceble on The span of time... from the very moment these souls make their mark to the every day when even a single song of their plays in some CD player or a radio show, They Live on!

    I thought how hard it might have been for Micheal to everytime move out from his home for the past decade when he was just being joked about in so many videos, and talk shows !! I feel it all is one big disgust this very moment..

    I know that death of WHACO-JHAKO is just an illusion, an outer layer thats on our television screen but he was immortal, he is immortal and would always be that....


  2. A Great loss which can never be replaced.He will be greatly missed for sure!

  3. RIP MJ ....he will surely be missed terribly....but still his music has made him immortal! The legend lives on forever and ever !

  4. heal the world...

    rip mj..

    m too shocked to react...:((

  5. Pop music will be no more since the King of Pop has passed away..

  6. He'll be remembered thro his music... RIP..

  7. RIP MJ….we’ll never see any1 like u 4 sure..Luvd THRILLER n BEAT IT in particular..


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