June 26, 2009

I can Survive

You think its easier to be alone
Alone without your support
Support that made me live with a smile
And still you say that without you

I can survive...

With no smile on my lips
With no one wiping my tears
With no hand to catch me when i fal
lWith no one to correct me when i am wrong
I will live like i lived the years before we met
But would you still say that

I can survive...

I never question thy love
Then why did you question your presence
Was i not able to make you believe?
You are an essence of my life
You are the one who made me believe that

I can survive....

I need you at every step
I need your care and your tease
I need the fights and the little talks we have
I need you sweetheart in everything i do
I need thy love and only then can i say

I can survive....

I don’t know who i am for you
I don’t even care now
All these years with you
Have been a god’s gift for me
I can fight the whole world for you
But i need you to tell me at every step that

I can survive...

When i say i love you, they are no mere words
They are the truth of my heart
You want to leave
I will open the door for you
But don’t expect that without your shadow

I can survive...

You want to find your aim,
You want to be on path of self discovery
I will not create complications
I will love you like i did when i first met you
But i will wait for your return
And return you must

Cuz you are the one who tells this world

I can survive...

I can survive only if i know you are there
I can survive if i know i am being watched over
I can survive if i know i will be forgiven for my mistake
I can survive if i will be still blessed by thy love

Please tell me you will be there
Please forgive me if i have done wrong
Please love me just like you doP
lease tell me i will still be thy kid
Please tell me

I can survive.....


  1. ....very beautiful...n it touched my heart..!!..

  2. beautiful Poem... Touching words...
    Loved this stanza...

    "You want to leave
    I will open the door for you
    But don’t expect that without your shadow"

  3. If that "I can survive" lines wud be removed,it looked like something had writtne tats been in my mind 4 long 2 tell some1!!

    else a wonderful work 4 sure!!


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