June 4, 2009

Love Bites

Love is all you need.....its so obvious
Obvious to the lovers, their belief veracious.
Veracious are the sentiments...though its equivocal
Equivocal emotions....yet so irrevocable.

Irrevocable is the passion when it strikes
Strikes hard....shoving everything else aside

Aside swept by emotions....the fervor, the lust
Lust of being together....slowly lush.
Lush steadily all year long.....forever young....

Young is the love.....both explicit and oblique
Oblique in a million ways....each completely unique
Unique it appear.....but love differs never....

Never the want to let it get erased,
Erased in a way to be forever endless
Endless are the words that tries to define....
Define the word LOVE, which is so divine.

P.S| tried writing an acrostic and a loop poem and even tried to make it rhyme...lol. this type of writing is called FL's out-of-the-box thinking poem...thanx to pratsie's teachings....lol


  1. Wonderfully done.......

    A perfect 10 for this....
    the way you picked out the sentences were amazing.....:)


    This was reallly Awesome!

  3. @ nuchu..
    well i tried something new....hehe

  4. acrostics and looping...
    excellent poem FL...
    my fav one is the fourth stanza 'YOU'

  5. WOW!!

    That is an achievement FL...

    Great! :)

    Loved d 3rd, 4th and 5th stanzas! :)

  6. m impressed for sure !! after Leo, u r the first to completely bowl me over with an acrostic !!

    *beams with smiles*

  7. A very Good Poem Mridul... You expressed the feeling so well...

    Well, I would not give 10 o/o 10 here... there are a few things about Acrostics that are not met... but then, the poem it self is super!!

  8. A masterpiece..so mnt thngs blend in one..LOOP and Acrostic..two f my fav frms of poetry..
    I feel inspired now..Wud try smthng like ths Very soon..

  9. @ tan
    pls tel me where i did mistakes...don't wanna repeat it again


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