June 26, 2009

Jacko No more..

Michael Jackson - a name which everybody in the world knows irrespective of anything.I remember when i was 5,I heard someone saying 'I wanna be Michael Jackson'.Young or old, rich or poor, Black or white, everybody knew who he was.

The friday morning was shocking and tragic for all his fans around the world revealing 'The King of Pop' to be no more.He died at the age of 50 following a cardiac arrest.

50 years of life, with a career of 45 years, yes folks he started singing at the age of 5.From a child star to being The King of Pop, his journey has been remarkable.He never stopped, He never got tired, he just kept floating just as his very famous 'Moonwalk' which was first featured in his video 'Billie Jean' in 1983.I was not even born then but still i very well know what moonwalk is!! His 'Thriller' in 1982 was a smash hit with over 5 crores copies sold as of now.One can never forget the time when he came to India and created waves with the crowd going crazy over his 'Dangerous' act.His 'Black or white','Heal the world' created awareness helping the world to be a better place.Such is the charishma of the person that even the most talented dance artists in the bollywood film industry are inspired by him.

'Jacko','MJ' as he was fondly called may not be in this world today but his thrilling contribution to the world of music will always be alive.He will always be alive through his music in the heart of his music fans for an eternity.

Long live Michael Jackson!


  1. I wonder why no one in WL seems to be interested in MJ.. I used to have lunch and dinner only with MJ playing out loud.. that was when I was 5 yrs old!

    I feel like pop music has died with him.. R.I.P..

  2. Here there's uproar. Everybody has been talking about Michael Jackson's death...
    Ah, pop music is no more.

  3. Rest in peace MJ... The world will never cease to remember you...


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