June 26, 2009


Dear all,
I was wondering what to put up now as I haven’t able to write anything new from the last 3-4 days. So, when I looked back, I remembered the time when I had written testimonials, rather poetically, on few of my ORKUT friends!!. Though it’s a different issue that they aren’t in touch like before and I still don’t know what they felt after “accepting” it, atleast it gave me an opportunity to showcase my talent. Here I narrate the story behind the first such poetic testimonial I ever wrote on anyone!!


(It’s a lazy Saturday afternoon and there is no work post lunch around 3.30 PM.)

C-(to himself)…arre yaar, its still 3.30..i am through with my work and my reports are also done. Sanju and gang will meet me at 6 near station..till then, what to do?..none to chat as well!!and going back to Kinara is also no use..All these girls will head to either INFINITY or CINEMAX..haila!!..why not I bug my POP???

(Calls up POP’s number)


C-hai..guess who?


C-how did you guess re?

POP-who else calls me from Mumbai tell me?

C-hmmm..ok..so wazzup?

POP-nothing much re..You know what happened (and one of her usual “long” stories..) (mid-way)

POP- you slept of kya C?

C-nai re..was all ears!

POP-cool!!.you are so nice..and then……(goes on and on….)
(finally ends..God knows how,but alteast it was half an hour of TP!)

C-haila!!..what makes you get into all this POP?

POP-what to do C?..everyone wants me to be their POP like the way you want to!!.but you aren’t like them naa?

C-arre bilkul!!..why that doubt?.for me you are Ms Valencia!

POP-stop flattering me..just like Marnamikatta and Valencia cant be together, the same way Andheri and Aundh cant be!!..

C-you hate Mangalore and Mangloreans so much kya POP?..

POP-since you love THE CITY and PEOPLE, I hate it…and no more talks about it..understand??

C-hmm..okies..anything for you, for today!..so,what are you (when he is cut short by POP)

POP-listen ‘C’, are you online?..check my ORKUT NAA!!

C-well,my comp is on and I can go online..but why should I check your ORKUT?

POP-I was on 4555 scraps yesterday evening..want to see how many more I got!..and besides don’t I check yours??

C-well, I don’t want to logon..and when did we exchange passwords??

POP-arre dumbo..i check yours when I am online!!..and I messaged you my login and password..do tell me naa..please “C”

C-here goes..i don’t get anything in return for doing this though we have access in office..

(Checks her scrapbook and updates her…)
POP-thanks “C”!!..but none have written me a testimonial..so “C”, why don’t you write one for me?

C-hmmm..let me think “POP”..what will I get in return?

POP.come to PUNE..I’ll cook my favourite banguda-fry and kori-sukka for you!!

C-haila!!somebody hates Mangalore, but relishes that cuisine..what an irony!

POP-that’s me-your POP “C”!!..chal, I have to get ready for mass..and do the testimonial thing soon!!

C-sure thing..take care and lets see what I can write..


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