June 28, 2009

Is it what we call luv ?

When i talk with her, I feel connected with her. I feel this is from ages. Though its just 2 months i have been talking to her through gtalk. My gloomy feelings go away when i speak to her. My day lits up when i think about her. i go through her comments on my blog day in and day out. And then I read through her chats, re-read then and again read. I feel something exists. Something somewhere.

I feel to question why are we not together? When we can be so natural while talking to each other on chat, imaging we would set fireballs rolling when we would be together. We would be so happy together. i feel to ask her why is she living in denial. She likes talkign to me. I like talking to her. I wait for her to come online, she must be doing same. She initiates talking, I love it. I love the fact that she likes Devil's Own and I like Iceberg. Whatta cool combo that would be when I would sip Devil's Own and she sips Iceberg together.

This is something more than a crush. Something more. Something very beautiful, something very surreal and divine. Pure. Noble. It has to be. My mind went for a toss in long long time. I want to let myself fall for her. No stopping this time. I want to give this a chance. And if it doesnt work out, then i wont have any regrets. I want to see me and she together at least once. I am sure the chemistry would be rocking.

Is that we called start of falling in a feeling called LUV ?


  1. oh yu bet its love!!! its love!!! if its real about yu, thn congrats dude..

    btw i love DEVIL's OWN!

  2. sweet..u r lucky if its love as blessed are few in tis matter..

  3. I am familiar with the feeling and i can just sa..Go on dude..don't stop..Keep it pure and keep it on a high..:)

  4. sweet narration... yup its definitely luv...

    so u call urself buzz now... wat hppnd to superunknown ???

  5. hey Arun, some identity crisis for me :)

  6. i hope freelancer its something good for me :)


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