June 27, 2009

Picture Perfect Date

He would see me for the first time.. I need to look perfect today... This date should last in his memories forever... Our first date together .. After 2 years of online friendship...

I would see her for the first time .. and last ... Hope the evening is as perfect as we have planned... after 2 years of online reationship, finally i get to see her..

Will he like me enough to ask me out again ?? Will we get on as well in real as on calls and chats ?

Will she understand the reasons for never meeting her again ?? will she still be my girl as before ??

And then they met... The evening was perfect, full of romance and smiles.It was too perfect for her that she did not want a repeat while he wanted it to happen again.

P.S| written on behalf of Pretty Me!!


  1. i already read and expressed to prats ......
    Its a full justice to the anxious feeling of two people meeting for first time...and also shows how certain things can't be planned as u never know what may be
    Loved it

    @freelancer a small correction...as far i know its on behalf of prats not in...ur used to erroneous in this respect....so do correct......

  2. Prats this is brilliant! Short but sweet! =)

  3. @ mysterious gal
    oh shoot...sorry my mistake

  4. twilight pic :) Alice and Jasper.

  5. intresting story!!..any scope 4 a prequel or sequel 2 tis?? ;)

  6. @ bard..
    no idea...hafta ask the author...lol

  7. sure...mail me at mridu.shadow@gmail.com

  8. nice write...sweet...
    readin this for the first time... Loved it...

  9. I know i wanted to kick u fr posting this last time .. but thanks FL !


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