June 4, 2009


A soft pat when I need encouragement
A soothing touch to say that I am cared for
A warm embrace to say that someone is there for me
The reassuring look which calms me down,
the loving words I pine to hear,
the endearing smile I love to see,
the intutive understanding of my fears,
exchange of looks when we find something weird.
the wet kiss which knows not time,
A bonding which needs no facades
to cover my faults,
to cover my fears,or
to cover my infested wounds..
I lay bare in your arms with all that I am,
I being you and you being me
with truth and love brimming from my heart
Savouring the delicacy of your love
with no past nor future, just both of us trying to live each minute,
engulfing into one other
passionately discovering,with delicate caressing,
fondling beyond measures,
drenching me in your love,filling me with ecstacy
to make me feel as though 'am being reborn each time,
your tongue lighting up each part of me,
making me explore worlds I never knew existed
as though the rekindling fire in us could ever be extinguished,
as though the thirst for your raw flesh would never be enough
burning away a million torches of passion,
an unquenched thirst,
making me wild beyond eternity
and taking me away into unknown infinity...


  1. wow...this one is good....
    keep it up gal

  2. Sexily Romantic...
    LOved it.. so mny emotions captured in one..!!


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