June 4, 2009

The Legend of Sandeep Malan 10

"Ayyo Kaduvulle!,my total plan flopped," Sandeep Malan said in a typical Rajini style.
Little did Malan know that people would make fun of him. He planned a brand launch of his new acting school in Mumbai.He had dreams of opening branches at different locations.He had shortlisted many cities for the same.Bangalore, Chennai,Amritsar and Delhi was on his hitlist.
"What next? Shangai ,Paris, Milan and Nigeria da Kanna," he did a Rajni butt dance.
He had weaved dreams of inviting Super star Rajnikanth, Amitabh Bachhan,Shahrukh Khan,Aamir,Hrithik and many famous celebrities for the launch function. He was hopeful of inviting his long time crush Rakhi Sawant for the show as well.

"SANDEEP SIRS ACTING SCHOOL ," he wanted to create a brand where people would approach him and learn acting skills from him .

He was pretty much ambitious and over confident. Malan had also learnt various dance forms like Bharatnatyam ,Kuchhipudi,Mohiniatam,Khatak apart from his other innovative dance styles which were invented by our great Malan himself.

Snake dance,Butt dance,Pelvic dance were few of the dances which were invented by Malan.He didn't even regret losing his girlfriend Richa.He wasn't missing his girl at all.He had got many new friends in form of doctor Neha,Rampwalk Arjun who was his American friend who was a big fan of Mikeal Jackson .He even forgot the staffs of "Airvoice Telecomm" where he used to work long ago.

Asbah Khan ,his best friend at Airvoice was now a stranger to him.
He was flying high in the sky with his dreams of starting an acting school.
He was interviewed by famous journalist across globe and the news of Malan starting a dance school spread like a wildfire.Mediapersons from Arirang Korea, Brazo - Brazil ,TV5 monde -France and Deutscheworld - Germany had queued up at his gate just to get a glance of the great Malan. Imagine Malan was interviewed by one of his long time crush Avantika Singh of Headlines today. She was the one who opened the " blue underwear scam " at Marine lines where Malan was the main protagonist.

Everything was going fine for Sandeep Malan until something went wrong.Everyone at Airvoice wanted Sandeep back.But Sandeep would not join Airvoice again .He even ditched the lucrative offer given to him by America cellulars,which was a leading global telecom provider across north and south America.He had his license papers signed from the Ministry of Entertainment where he was also said to have bribed the Ministers PA.
This paper was a big asset for him .Without this , his plan of starting a dance school won't be possible.
He got up early morning to witness the biggest shock of his life. ..

to be continued...


  1. Aiyo...

    Aage kya hoga?? *Biting nails*

    Jaldi batao!!

  2. haha ...That was a funny start...

    Waiting for the next part

  3. hahaha.. It was phunny.. ;)

    I'm Rampwalk Arjun aa?? I'm loving this.. :P


  4. he he...goin good... waitin for the continuation mate...
    loved the rajini touches...

  5. aage kya hoya yeh to mujhe bhi janna hai! itni killing suspense kyon?
    abb jaldi bata dena!


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