June 4, 2009

Aatma Ne Nai Maarvanu!

Many a times we kill our ‘aatma’ so as to distinguish
between the right and wrong, good and bad, moral
from immoral ! In this fight, we are actually forgoing
what we want to do, what we like doing, what our heart
wishes to do !

So at this moment what should we do ?
Put rationality, righteous element of our brain
on quarantine and go ahead and do what the
red matter wants !

Oh I had a pint of beer yesterday, oh I cant think
about one for 10 days ! WHY? U feel like having it
the right next day, GO AHEAD! Its beer not poison!
And yes as they say 'Dont drink and drive'
Yep yep I wont, but nobody said nothing about
'Drinking while driving'. I love loopholes! :P

Feel like going on a drive to Lonavala, you ask your
friends, Yo I am busy, oh I have work,
Ask your girlfriend, Honey, my periods! Duh!
Like the Budweiser advert, say ‘ WASAAAAAAAAAAAAAUP’
to the car and scoot !
Carlos wont descend on you while you are alone!

2 day stubble has outgrown into a 10 day monster,
Need a haircut too, Everyone think you look like
Tarzan but you think you look like Tom Cruise!
Well ‘you are right’! Your 'aatma' says u look good,
so good it is PERIOD!

If you think someone is boring and your inner
desire wishes to convey the same, DON’T KILL IT !
Dont act like no Somalia niggas and pull the gun
right in the face, ‘I need a Disprine every hour
I am with you’ should do the trick
Of course with a smile !! ;)

Hostel, Saw, Cannibal Hollocaust all make you puke,
you end up wasting the sandwich you just ate in the
wash basin because the utter gore tickles your stomach,
you get sleepless nights too, but u love watching such
movies even though u pause it a 100 times in between
because the ‘brilliant leg, hand, bum, dick hacks’
in the movie disgust the shit outta you!
Watch it anyway because you want to!
Repurcations be damned!

Its raining water tankers outside, Rain gods have made
mumbai a swimming pool of India, Flu, Malaria,
whateverya is on the rise! Mom says ‘No outside food’
Dad says ‘ Rotli Shaak’ and you say
‘Ruddy brillaint rains, Hot hot road side vada pav’!!
Munch up, Have one in each hand and keep at it till
your full tank touches the oesophagus mark!!

We have a brain, a desire why not point in the spirits
directions rather than pondering over ‘this or that’!
Have heart, will follow ! End of topic !

Moral of the story: There are no morals, Only ‘aatma’ :P lol
I was born to run, I was born to dream, The craziest boy you ever seen,
I gotta do it my way - Loverboy


  1. What does this mean?

    Aatma Ne Nai Maarvanu!

    What language??

  2. i just love it...this was the kind of writeup i needed at the frame of mind i was in for past few days...absolutely loved it :)

  3. Whoa whoa whoa!

    Hah...that was amazing Roshan! Loved it.

    We have thought a lot about 'this and that' and 'what if'...and I guess we've had enough! :)

    Time to break away from all this... and set yourself free! :)


  4. excellent write rohan...
    i have thought abt the same thing many times... never had been able to put it into words...
    luved it...

  5. Su vaat che!!!!!!

    Ekdam chokhu kidhu che!!!!

    \m/ Aatma ne nai marvaanu \m/

    @ Tan

    Its Gujurati.....nd it means dnt kill ur soul....lissen to nd always heed wat it says....

    I hope am right, Rohan! ;)

    Awesome work....luvd it!!!!! :)


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