June 14, 2009

The mirror in my heart

" I'll be missin u... :-( "

" Will be here be4 u know it "

" Don't go.... pls... I'll be alone "

" I've already boarded the train "

" :-( "

" Hugs n kisses... Biyeee... "

" G Nite.... See u in 2 days "

12:30'ish - I dozed off...
8:12 AM - Waking up alone sucks....
8:30 AM - Finally got outta my sheets...

Ever so slowly, I started brushing... listening to one of my playlists. It was then I saw it. That large piece of glass, The life-sized mirror she placed in our hallway. The mirror in which she checks herself, head to foot, before going out everytime.


This mirror has registered and reflected her lavish physique so many times. It has possessed her, as much as i had, as passionately as i had. Light reflected from her frame falling on the surface of the this plane mirror, angle of reflection equalling the angle of incidence, finally portraying her splendid virtual image.

Excerpts from my physics book brushed thro my mind. Light behaves as both waves and particles.
Particles.... Molecules...
Molecules of her....
Molecules which were reflected....
Molecules which were retained... Molecules of her...

I went near the mirror. I think I'm in love with this piece of glass. I touched it ; Cold...
Why am I not blessed with a heart which is cold as this mirror. A heart which forgets everything once the person moves away. A heart which only reflects love and does not reproduce it, to torment me with memories of her being with me... Hmmm... Just then I came to peace... My heart is also a mirror... A rear view mirror...

On a moment of silliness, I stepped to the side and looked behind the mirror. Don't know why I did that. Perhaps to find her hiding behind it, I couldn't stop myself from smiling at the stupidity of my love.

I took my mobile.
" Come back... pls... ASAP... I think i'm losin my sanity "

P.S. - Dunno if this pic prompt is still open... Anyways, felt like penning my crazy thought.


  1. :)

    Am all smiles after reading this bro...

    For the protagonist...'Hopelessly Romantic'... :)

    This post was cho chuweet! :)


  2. this was awesome !! the second post fr this prompt i loved !! awesome :)

  3. @artz
    thanks... yup he's hopeless n crazy


    thanks prats...wat was the first one?

  4. a story written by 'H' about a soldier on one side of wall and a lady on next .. search it by labels :)

  5. here you are :


  6. @pretty me..
    yup.. read it... me too loved it...


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