June 14, 2009

Ranting it out..!!

Of late, I am realizing that I’m grown up and matured. I’ve started noticing social problems and general public’s feckless behaviour. Ok, what good does it do to me noticing apathy all around?? Answer to it would be - Nothing except maybe that I would end up branded as the youngest BP patient or something. This time its not about our government and their exhibition of neglect, but WE… The General Public. Small issues like Public behaviour, manners, etc…..

Just this morning, on my regular jogging routine in a park I noticed the same two girls who I guess are in their late twenties. The park is a rectangular one, with a walking track outlining the area. Generally, though not as a rule, people walk in the clock-wise direction. These two special beings, as me and my dad noticed since 3 months or so, walk opposite to the general way of walking thereby causing a break in the flow of many brisk walkers. Again, it’s not a rule that people have to follow the clock-wise cycle, but then if it’s only the RULES that rule you, it is sick.

My dad, for once made up his mind to inform them about it and he did so in these exact words- “ Hello… Excuse me… Wouldn’t it be better if you could walk the other way. You are obstructing other brisk walkers and joggers.” One of those girls hit back- “ Thanks for your advice. Mind your business,” after which, ofcourse an argument followed. I mean, how hard would be to say a simple- “ Okay” when an elderly person suggests you something, leave alone following it. Is it fashionable to be sarcastic? “Sarcasm, as long as it is for fun or for yourself is okay. Once you exhibit in public, its no more called ‘sarcasm’ .. Its Arrogance” was one of my point in the argument. Where has manners, simple general behaviour gone?? Is education all about scoring the passing marks or the ‘distinction’ marks?

I read an article in yesterday’s papers that it’s more for the fact that Indian people are very badly behaved in public, that they are being targetted in Australia. Right or wrong, I don’t know, but I’m fed up witnessing it here. On the roads, seeing a few people drive, I’ve got ideas of keeping goats as drivers and still it would make no difference. Yes I know, we as Indians in general are not into following traffic rules (reasons plenty.. government neglect, bribery, corruption….etc), but atleast certain basic unsaid things. Not a single second can a person spare on the road. Also in other general places- arguments, fights all around. Maybe the fact that, excess money into the hands of ill-mannered ( or rather, people unaware of a concept called behaviour.. or manners) are making matters worse. You can still be nice to your driver, your servant maid, a co-passenger, a waiter and end up losing nothing.

Anyway, thinking deep and worrying would take me where?? .. Nowhere .. And hey guys, I’m the same Arjun if you are still rubbing your eyes. I’ve never written such a post, but this was just long pending. Today’s incident just worked up the needed ‘driving force’. Just a request to all- Behaviour and manners go side by side with your BE, MBA.. so on. Thanks for hearing me out. Have a great Sunday.


  1. I really agree with the fact that no matter where you be, or what you do, manners define you ! Its not just on the road but even in my company too i at times see people who disregard rules and manners .. feel like giving then one tight slap at times !! specially when its with elder people ... shame on us for forgetting to respect the elders.

  2. Wow this is so true Arjun! I can't believe that nowadays on the buses, when an elderly person with a walking stick comes on the bus, a teenager who is perfectly capable of standing does not give up their seat. And like you said, if an elderly person says something about someone not following rules people just completly ignore them...

  3. Wow...

    Very well said RJ!
    Today I noticed something same... in a bus... no body was ready to give that old lady a seat! Huh! Needless to say, I did get up from my seat! :)

    Manners & behavior comes first for me! Its not just in case of a younger one to an elder one, its also should be vice versa...because an elderly person's behavior teaches us a lot!

    Very well said... First serious post from you? ;)

  4. First of all, you go jogging everyday? Really?! Poi solladhe..!! :D :D

    Secondly Ya you are right.. Behaviour.. Manners.. respect is taking a back seat nowadays... ! Ppl can change but not in a negative way.. nobody seems to understand this fact at all!

  5. I dont think it is about being Indian or not. But yeah, it is about following the rules..Thats what I dont understand. Will we do it just because it is the law or the rule? That too when most of us blatantly even disregard the laws? When will we, as humans actually be civilised? It isnt a wonder if a 13 yr old had behaved that day. I bet no1 would have been bothered asking them anything. Teens you see. Rebellious behaviour. But these girls or women or whatever have serious issues in life.

    I hate people who use sarcasm with elders in a non-joking way. It is as you rightly said arrogance!


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