June 26, 2009


Dear all,
This poem had been written more than a year back but the narration is what I recollected now so that I could put it up first and the work later. Hope it makes an interesting read to one and all.


(One late evening in India, she is just awaiting for his call so that she can sleep off. She has had a hard day and wondering why he hasn’t replied to any of her messages, voice mail’s or even e-mails all day, which is very unlikely of him. Just then, the phone rings…)

MP- Hello…
C-Hai jaanu..how are you?
MP-I hate you ‘C’..You didn’t reply to any of my mails, messages..And you know how much it irritates me if I it isn’t done so..
C- I know my sweets..But I was with my HR all day..Infact didn’t even ORKUT!!
MP- I don’t care what all you did and didn’t..What were you doing with her?..Did she try to bewitch you with her smiles?
C- You know me- whatever she does, I’ll never be disloyal to you!
MP- How do I know?..Your baby is feeling restless without you..And you didn’t dedicate a song to me from the last 2 days!
C-Remembered that just 15 minutes back!..Hang on,you will get to see hear that on WORLDSPACE shortly..
MP- Which song?..
C-Turn on you set now and listen to me dedicating it you sweetest of the sweets--MYSORE PAK!

(Comes on air this song: )

(After the song)
MP- Thanks my love..But its not my favourite..Anyways, what is your HR saying now?
C-Well, my case is on hold. Else, would have been in India and with you last month itself..
MP-hmmm,I know that dude..But I am somehow worried about our future..
C-Why should you?..Dont you trust me and what I can do for you?
MP- I trust you, sometimes more than myself!..But still..
C- I must be wary of you actually!. This is my first on-site stint and my salary isn’t going to be hiked once I am back, I heard. In your case, your salary is almost twice mine and you are in line for the best on-site offers anyone in your company can even imagine!
MP-Whatever it is, I will be yours till you decide to be mine!!
C- MP darling, ask you something?
MP-Sure, what’s it now sweetheart ?
MP- I have no doubts,but….
C-Sleep now my love..Its almost 12.30 AM IST..Check your mail and tell me what you feel..
MP-Sure, though you know my answer..Lots of love and hugs!!

(Now keep awaiting for the poem till next time..)


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