June 15, 2009

First Crush!

Joggling memories and joggling happiness,

The smile on my face is beyond snappiness,

The search engine worked to revoke the craziness,

And the message worked to send me in my perkiness!

Those were the days and those were the rhymes,

As I shined in the glory of my own whims,

The eyes still shine reminiscing those cute gleams,

Gleaming past me of the day of those primes!

Primes were the days when hormones changed,

Happiness and excitement seemed all trenched,

That one glance, that smile was all that worked,

Heart was all over the sleeves like it rained!

He was the new hottest cute thing in town,

She was the sweetest innocent being been won,

He smiled to speak a hello to crown,

She lost her heart like a clown!

They met everyday to play a new Maryland,

He didn’t know she was already weaving a new fairyland,

They met, they played, they smiled and they glanced in a new land,

And she didn’t know she was weaving the world around a garland!

The school was much more fun than before,

The bus stop was all about waving unlike afore,

He buzzed off in his car like always unaware of a dove,

She waited for him for that one smile to make her into a lure!

The games continued and the school continued

and the dreams flourished,

She never wanted to tell

and he never knew what garnished,

Then came the day which she always relished,

Relished in the memories of seating beside

as a queen as he whispered!

The day was a usual day but his presence was unaccustomed,

Light gleamed fast as he drove past which made her shunned,

The drive was short but the talks

and glares accompanied as the hearts throbbed,

The small moment together was enough to pass off

as beautiful forever as lives embarked!

Then came time for them to part,

like a breeze to keep the memory always carved,

He had a different destination

and she had a different arena to be marked,

But this parting wasn’t hurting

as she knew this sweet memory will keep it engraved,

And he knew he made beautiful memories

but he had to move to be able to smile and remarked!

Years past and decades past and they never interacted,

But then God wanted them to be able to be communicated,

And reminisce happiness which was invented,

And in a matter of few hours they interacted

To cover a decade which people never prompted

He hardly remembered her

but she remembered all making him intuited,

She teased him of the old memory

and he remarked at his great celebrated,

She will never tell him of the secret good memory situated,

Nor will he know of him as

Her First Crush for which she will be forever indebted!


  1. they say CRUSHES are meant 2 get CRUSHED ;)..

    nice flow!!!..do read mine though it wasnt my 1st ;)

  2. wow... excellent poem... loved it soooo much...
    especially the last 2 stanzas... touching

  3. really liked it Nabs !! enjoyed this one ... love reading you all time !!

  4. @The Bard i prefer the crushes to be crushed only or they wouldn't have such pleasant and beautiful memory :)

    @Roshwrites thanks so much gal :)

    @Arun thanks so much ...well the secret behind the last 2 paras made me write the whole poem ...glad u liked them :)

    @Prats awww thats so sweet and i always look forward for ur comments :)

    @Aparna thanks so much gal :)


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