June 16, 2009

Happily Engaged!!

Heaven sent you someone
Always to be by your side
Pleasure or pain, joy or sorrow,
Path leads now to your divine union
I know that you are happy now
Love and laughter I can only gift
You, from these little words I write

Eager I am, to see your smile,
Never I know, shall you leave my side,
God blessed me with a loving sister,
And someone I know now, is very lucky
Gloom had shrouded you once, I know
Even that can't cloud your many anymore
Dream ahead my sister, to a happy life ahead

I want to wish Callie the best in her journey ahead. My sister has got engaged. Its the first post I saw in the morning and I wanted to write something for her. This Acrostic is all I could manage. I don't know if it has come out that well, but I know she will love it. 
For you, my sister... a lifetime of love from this brother!!


  1. Wow... beautiful dedication... she'd luv this..
    here's wishing Kajal a happy journey ahead...

  2. bhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaai... thank you soooooooooooooooo much!!!! :D I was thinking of announcing it in a post.. but you have made it really really special for me.. thank you nahi bolna.. but trust me I am really happy.. i must say i am one lucky girl.. mujhe sab mil gaya.. :)

  3. this was perfect vinay ... too good .. could feel ur love here :) !!

    conrats again dear pinkie!! love to see u back :)

  4. Aweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! You are lucky in your own way!!!

    Yesterday I was wondering why LEO never post in TWL..

    He came out with a wonderful and touching one!!

    Wonderful... Tempting me to write one!

  5. Super dedication thr vinay must say ....

    And all the best to kajal too for her future :)

  6. congrats...yippie!!

    have fun ....may god bless u guys

  7. Beautifully articulated emotions in words, for the lucky girl:)

    Congrats Kajal,...and Kudos Leo:)

  8. Heyy... That was such a chuweet post Vinay!

    Kajal... mwah! God bless you! :)

    Have fun ;)

  9. wow ... that was beautiful vinay!!
    and congrats kajal!! this is wonderful news... God bless you... all the best and stay happy always... !!!!! Wish you all the happiness in the world...

  10. Congrats to your sis! That was a really touching and warm post!!!!

  11. thank you Pratsie, Nusrath, Anurag, Stibu, Rose, Aarthi, Mona and Thoorika... a big tight group hug!! :D

  12. @ vinu - a very emotional dedication :) loved it!

    @ pink orchid - :) smiles! tc god bless... was very happy to hear the news... and fille with pleasure to read ur comments here too!
    GOD BLESS YA! very happy for u dear! tc ... wish ya many many zillion more happiness in life!! keep smiling :)

  13. Wow nice dedication :) Congrats Kajal :)

  14. Leow its such a wonderful dedication.. N kaju m sooo happy for u girl.. God bless u hon.. Keep smiling.


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