June 15, 2009


Dear all,
I was wondering what to post today as was really not able to write something nor was I in a mood due to some reasons. But got to hear that the rains have started to unleash their fury in Mangalore and Mumbai thanks to my friends who are still there. Hearing that made me kinda ‘senti’ as both those places hold a special place in my heart even now. Though wasn’t able to write a work, thought to share a ‘rainy’ number from a old Hindi movie called AJNABI!!

This song holds some significance not just because its based on the rains- it’s a song sung by my favourite singer as well as written by my all-time favourite lyricist. Moreover, whenever I hear this song, I remember someone whom I wanted to bask like the way Rajesh Khanna and Zeenat Aman are out to in the video!!..Sorry that i cant translate it, but hope its liked by one and all!!..

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