June 18, 2009

End of daze !!

Once again I've cried
Unto the moon
there's nobody here
there's nobody near
I can't see the meaning
the life I'm leading
blinded by a light
I hate the sun now
in the distance, I hear the tune
I heard in my childhood
I've searched the eyes
I laugh under the weeping moon
I saw her shadow in the darkness
awaiting me like the night
awaits the day
standing silent
smiling at my presence
A black candle holds the only light!!


  1. perfect dark write !! the last lines summs it all !! kudos Hashan ,, wat a post !! missed ya here :)

  2. I saw her shadow in the darkness
    awaiting me like the night

    Nice lines!

  3. somethign for you here : http://creatingnewblog.blogspot.com/2009/06/red-carpet-awards-for-all.html

  4. Fabulous! :)

    loved the flow... and so profound!

  5. @ Bard

    Dont be sad..its a fiction !!


    Thanks Pratsie :) I am sooo glad you liked it !!

    @ Thoorika

    Thanks da :)

  6. Thank you Shruti :)


    Thanks RT..Glad you liked it :)

  7. I like the lines:
    There's nobody here
    There's nobody near

    Great poem :)

  8. wow what a write hashan.........sad but still beautiful....missed u here ..great write :)

  9. i loved it! i loved it! i loved it!
    Honestly, I never read anythin' so dark yet so beautiful:)

  10. Ah Thanks Roshini :)

    Thanks much Nabila :)I missed u guys too..I am stuck in a project :) will be offline for a month :( but i will come n read u guys :D

  11. Thank you so much Rose :)
    You keep writin' I love ur writes !!


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