June 17, 2009


Live with the spirit of joy
Celebrate every little happiness
Life will definitely be a splash of smiles...!!!

Hi friends...oops...family....hello .!!! Remember me na?? This is Yamini Meduri ...the member of the special family of the writers....sorry yaar..i was away from the Lounge for a long time and wasnt atleast reading any of your posts....this is because of a reason...!!!

I am now in Pune to do my PGDM (PM&HRD) and it took these many days to get along here and also to get the wi-fi connection...as i got it now....i am able to connect with ma family again..!!

By the way how are you all doing?? I missed the Lounge alot yaar....There was not even a single day that went on without me thinking abt the Lounge or even about my Land of Dreams...Now blogging has become the special part of my life...i missed it all these days...!!!

I am really very happy to see my name in the MoM list and the votes....wow...thanks family....this is an honor..!!!

will be back soon with the regular Lounging...till then take care and keep smiling...!!!


  1. hey yamini.... welcome back to the lounge...
    Good luck getting settled in pune... the course is for 2 years rite??

  2. Welcome back Yamini! :)

    And yes, all the best to you! :D

  3. Hai Yamini,good 2 hear frm u!!..nice 2c a budding HR in d lounge!!

  4. Good luck dear one .. waititng to read your wonderful writes :)

  5. hi yamini...

    welcome to maharashtra...drop down in mumbai sometime...3 hrs from pune...and yaa..which college in pune? scmhrd?


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