June 18, 2009


Hello people,
I am back with my narrations once again FROM MEMORIES!!..But this time round, I will keep the story and poem separate. Anyways, since re-posting is allowed only on weekends, I guess it’ll be easier for the reader to go through both separately.Anyways, do let me know what you feel after the read of both. Have a great time blogging and lounging!!!

LOCATION: Somewhere in Mangalore
(Time is around 10.30 AM, Summer 2009‘C’ is wondering who is calling him on his mobile.)

C- Hello.
G- Eda monae Chinmay, this George da!
C-Hey Georgeee..ench ulla maga? (How are you?)
G- Me good da..Came on holidays to Cochin last week.
C-So where are you calling from now?
G- I had come to Kasargod to meet Vijay monae. He gave me your number! You are in Mangalore itself right?..Iam coming there shortly!
C-Cool.Call me when you reach HAMPANKATTA. We’ll meet up!
(‘C’ and ‘G’ meet up at Hampankatta. Its around 12.15 PM)
G- Da, iam feeling thirsty da..Why don’t we have a bonda? (Tender coconut in TULU)
C- I’ve a better idea.Why don’t we go and sit at RTO IDEALS?. We can have GADBAD and talk!
G-Cool!!..Right poi!!

(Over GADBAD at IDEALS and after a lot of talk)
G-Da, forgot to ask you. What happened to ‘her’? your sounding box?
C- You still remember her da?.Well, iam not with her since this new year.
G- Why?..Are you MAD?
C- No time you see.
G- Da, you must be really MAD. She was with you while we studied in Mangalore. Ie from 2001 and guess followed you to Bangalore also.
C- And also was in Mumbai with me!
G- Hmmm..till 2008 she was with you?.And after 7 years, you dumped her?.
C- Somehow didn’t get time you see.
G-7 years is a long period and she knew in and out about what all you underwent. And now you say you’ve no time for her da?
C- She is a past and DEAD now!. Cant do much da.
G-Hmmm,why not you write a tribute on her?..Atleast her soul will find some peace!!
C- That’s a good idea!!..Will think about it seriously!!

(After ordering for another GADBAD, began to think what I could write on my confidant!. Keep waiting for the weekend for my work. Till then, let my picture do the talking!!)


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