June 21, 2009

WHENEVER COMES THE 23RD – the poem!!!

Those many months ago, when had come the 23rd
I still remember, what from you, I had heard
that made me proud of having taken birth
as it gave me hope that I was destined for mirth.

From then on, every month when came the 23rd
It was the time for us to, each other, renew our word
that we would be together even beyond eternity
and that go on fulfilling each other’s necessity.

Came and went, over time, many such 23rd
and for me, you were like that tweety bird
whom I thought, was sent to me from heaven
so that my life would always get enliven.

Alas, ironically, today happens to be the 23rd
and still I feel the reason you gave as absurd .
Since you are no longer anywhere in sight
about you and our memories, I sit and write.


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