May 20, 2009

Why, do YOU cry?

I cry
I know, but do you know why?
You cry

At times
When you laugh out loud to all
I cry!

Save what?
For you have got nothing left
Don’t lie

If I make
Your skin rubbed against mine
You’d fly

But then
You would never betray me.
You try!

... Why, do YOU cry? ...


  1. what a beginning to the teary wednesday.. too good!

  2. lovely.... Apt for teary wednesday.. :)


  3. Really good.....

    Your on a roll today aren't u tan?

  4. thats a third read in a row of you Tan.....go on ...waiting for many more frm you ..!!!

    And this was simple yet good..!!!

  5. Gosh!! this completely blew mw off !! n i mean it !!

  6. is this a new genre? tell us abt it?

  7. Thanks mates... thanks for loving this... I just tried to write in different ways... actually Wednesday is the day for me @ TWL here - the only day I can write freely... anyways...

    I just tried to write a few things thinking of someone special in these three poems... then, I also wanted to say something spl too... I would have - for sure, only if she would respond! But, where is she? hehehe... nowhere! My anger - my love and my tears - all gathered together in these lines...

    No specific Genre Asbah... just three lines... ;)


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