May 15, 2009

Who said its love ?

Continued from Rose's post here

"Can I ask you something Kajal?"
"Ya.. go ahead !!" she said wiping her silent tears.
She knew he will feel them any how.
"Was the feeling of love for me your own ?"
"I guess it were my friends who said, what you feel for him is nothing but love !"
"Do you ever think of me romantically ?"


  1. this was needed!! now things are pretty clear.. thanks Pretty.. :D

  2. i know !! :).. lets who carry on further n where it leads !!

  3. lovely.. enjoying the read still.. i wish i knew what happened in the real situation. Only Kajal can answer that i suppose.. thanks girls. love reading u all.

  4. kaju, roshni wants u to answer her somethin! :) :)

    and yeah, nice continuation pretty! :)

  5. This was the best so far... now, I find some continuation... Would love to see what others say on this... nice one girl :)

  6. went back and back and finally found the starting all of them in a sequence...this probably brings it to a culmination or does it???

  7. @Roshni : thanks fr the read .. but i guess kajal answerd it in sm comemnt !!

    @Leo : thanku dear !

  8. @Hashan : hope soem one writes soon !!

    @Tan : u called it best ?? yipppeee ! but then, nothign can beat real things ;)

  9. @CN : u never know dear .. depends on some one's muse :)

  10. Wanted to carry on with the series... but, could not, because of the new theme thing... will mail you the next part, if I write... :)

  11. anytime Tan... but fr frndship, u cn do it today :) or on tuesday... whenever u write


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