May 15, 2009

Now its her turn..II

Contihued from Kajal's post

"How much I wished to tell you what I felt, but your brotherly love stopped me.I might have been wrong, but never saw anything coming from your side.."
"But Kajal, just a li'l hint..."
"I did try, but then it would have scarred the beautiful relationship named-brother-sister.."
The only sound that came from Kajal's side--*sob*


  1. now i want to take it from here .. lets hope i dnt mar the beauty of this one !!

  2. woaaaaaa.. :) where is it going. me wonders :P

  3. Hmmm.. this is a good continuation from Kajal's post all right...

    Just this sentence: "I would have a hurt you" can you modify it somehow??

  4. hmmm...modify in??
    well...lemme try...n suggestions are always welcome..

    alrite lemme try..

  5. @hashan, roshni and leo
    Thanks :)


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