May 15, 2009

Death is all i want....

It seemed a good idea at that time
The immortality and eternal youth
My master bites me with her lips
Crimson colored liquid oozes out of my neck
The excruciating pain is unbearable
but she carasses and comforts me
stroking my head with her blood red nails
She bites harder and the venom spreads
She brings out the life in me

That was the twilight of my life
I died, but was born again
The company of people was forbidden to me
Because of the unceasing thirst and hunger
for human blood to touch my lips

Time passes, everything changes
Oceans widen and mountains crumble
But I remain the same
I cannot die, i cannot change
Eternally young and untouched by the change in time
Everyone is dead,
all those i knew

I crave for your blood
the innocence in them
I urge to taste the sweetness in it
I crave to drink the essence in your soul
To feel the life being pulled out of you
and venom going inside you
to watch you become like me
Forever young and immortal
is what i desire
but i cannot make you suffer
as pain it is in all this want

I crave for one thing
none but one
and that is death
the thing i cannot get

P.S: The pic is good isnt it? haha dont scream at me as i didnt make it!


  1. I loved it!!
    And the lines-
    "I crave for your blood
    the innocence in them..."
    they are superb...just bring out the pain how badly someone might need death, the most feared thing..good work sonu:)

  2. i liked the last lines ,,,, sadness for vampy !! made me remember a poem i wrote loong back !! will search n post it over weekend :)

  3. I miss Edward :(

    This so fit with the Twilight saga! :)

  4. @RV: Except here a lady bites the guy...

  5. WOW,

    Just yesterday I saw Dracula 3 the legacy and today I'm reading poems on vampires......


    Nice poem.....And the first pic. is really good...(thank god I'm reading in mid morning).


  6. @Christopher: Yup i knw Dracula 3 was coming yesterday..saw 1 scene...

    Thanks btw!

  7. hope that vampire ain't after my blood. i got water more than blood i think :P

    nice write sonu...
    but plz... enuf vampires for the time being? :)

    i am gettin woozy with all the blood..!

  8. @Leo: Yup vinu bhaiya..i think this is my last vamp for the lounge

  9. good one Sonu :))

    yeah will switch to a diff topic!!

  10. nice write on vampires...once again...

    have never seen this pic of bella...must have been photoshopped...

  11. One big Q: Why are all girls so crazy after Edward!!!!!? :D


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