May 15, 2009

A Few More Limericks

This is the continuation of my previous post.

Writing a Limerick

A man attempted to write a limerick.
He was from the town Glotolic;
He was doing fine,
Until the fourth line.

The Contest
There was a fibbing contest.
The winner was the one who fibbed the best.
Many a people said many a lie,
But I honestly said, "I've never said a lie."
And I won the fibbing contest.


  1. hey loved the second limerick and the first one is not complete no?

  2. the limerick is great..
    but ain't the concept a bit old? ;)

  3. Chris... good poems...

    But limericks? hmmm... I dont see these as Limericks because these are not... Pratibha taught us about Limericks in one of the Mondays... I would suggest you to go through the post and check out the basic rules...

    I'm sure you will be able to write Limericks :)

  4. i loved the first one so much.. :)


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