May 19, 2009

Visionary Sensation..

I see us dreaming

Dreaming an intricate dream

Dream of a naive heart

Heart which knows no boundaries


 Boundaries that entrap the flight

Flight of our dear reverie   

Reverie which gives us hope

Hope that everything is feasible


Feasible I know is our love

Love which holds us together                                               

Together we prevail over impediments

Impediments that may keep us apart


Apart we are sure we can’t stay

Stay embracing each other everlastingly

Everlastingly we will hold ourselves

Ourselves in this eternal thread


Thread that ties our souls

Souls fused into one another

Another world it would be darling

Darling, where we can be distant.

I want to thank Leo for inspiring me to write in this format of loop Poetry..:)



  1. luvly poem! likd it! da loop's perfecto!!!!! :)

  2. wow....nice Loop...!!!

    Good attempt vfriend....i loved the way you choose the words to make up your work...!!!

    Keep time..try out the rhyme too....!!!

  3. perfect loop dearie !! u tempt me now ;)

  4. Excellent try with Loop.. Keep them coming girl..

  5. loved this loop thing... wow.. so nice.. :)


  6. @ Mav, ZM, Arjun

    thnks alot..

    @ prats..
    I m temting thts a thngs fr me..

    @ kajal
    you mch of a praise fr me..

  7. *promises herself again to write a loop poem soon*

    chaarz, cheers :) nice one!


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