May 18, 2009

Smile Valley High

Since it is a series i guess i get to continue it! Dont i?

Episode 6

"Josh but you were supposed to come to my house to get the book remember?" Melissa said furiously.

"Yes Melissa! But ive got some important work..." Josh said irritated.

"Hmmm...okie. Then lets just make it tomorrow." Melissa said sighing

"Okie babe!" Josh exclaimed delighted and ran away on his way to Angela's

"I am not leaving you Josh..Lets see what work you have that you arent telling me." Melissa thought to herself.

He drove the bike as fast as he could. He was late by five minutes already. Finally he reached the desired destination. He saw a white mansion with a lovely garden. It had a cycle parked outside. Pink in color.

"Im sure its Angela's" he murmured.

He rang the bell. In no time a butler appeared at the door.

"May i know who you want to meet gentleman?" he asked politely.

"Um..Angela.." he stammered

"Mademoiselle please come to the door. There is a young gentleman who says he wants to meet you." The butler said

'Yes! Oh..Josh!" Angela said "Come in"

She was wearing a short skirt and a lovely blue top which went very well with her fair face. She looked beautiful. Josh followed her as they climbed the stairs.

"You look...stunning" Josh said struggling for the right word.

"Oh thanks!" Angela said blushing.

"Nice place you've got here" he said animatedly pointing around

"haha...thanks...actually all credits to my moms interior designing." Angela smiled proudly.

Once they entered Angela's room. Josh was shocked. He was speechless. His mouth was propped open and Angela laughed looking at him.

"Huh..." Josh said struggling to speak....



  1. hey...wat happened to other couples...?? no fair... regularly update the series Lil' angel...i keep on forgetting the names...poor me... :-)

  2. Oh..okie arun! i will from now on..other couples..yes next epi!

  3. whats there in the room dearie ??? tell fast !!


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