May 16, 2009

Thank you for Being here..

Your Smile that always cheer me up

The thoughtful things you do

Those helping hands you're glad to lend

Or hear a problem through

Our Special times together

I pray will never end

God gave me such a blessing

When you became my friend..

Thanks you for being here


  1. nice write...
    will be there 4 u always... :-))

  2. hahha thank you Arun..

    Will be there too.. :)

  3. yeah nuchu..we'll be here always, atleast i'll be!!
    just come here..i'll be loungin' in the lounge..w.e.f 1st june :D:P

  4. I raelly don't have a clue to write I'll just develop Pretty Me!!'s comment...

    Very Sweet lines...........

  5. i call myself a writer...just look at all the typos....

    I meant I really don't have a clue what 2 write here.....

  6. thank you every1.. Nus also there for you guys.. always.. as I always say.. I find happiness here in TWL.. no matter what.. :)


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