May 16, 2009

55 Fiction : Dance in the ball

He was watching her from the sidelines in the ball room. She was dancing with Phil, her school mate. A cringe ran through Matt's body. He twisted. Bella could sense her man's discomfort. She was meeting Phil, her past, after years together. When song stopped playing, Matt went near Phil and Bella. Phil gasped for breath and removed his hand off Bella's waist. "Hey Phil, thanks mate. I will take it from here". He filled Bella in his arms before next song on prom began to play


  1. read n loved it already :)

  2. Nice one sam.. Bella as in Twilight?? kiddin

  3. the names were thrown in too quick, but considering that it is 55 fiction i accept it :)

    nice attempt!

  4. i had got so jealous reading this.. :P


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