May 16, 2009

Friendship ♥

Journey of my life
Goes on the wild roads
The humps and the breaks
Give me a hard times
But i wont stop
I wont look back
I am gonna move on
With you by my side

Hand in hand
together We walk
Burden of yoke
Is now air like

You make me strong
Stop me when i go wrong
Made me laugh when was crying
Made me pose with cheesing

You taught me honesty
Its all about loyalty
You cried when i cried
When i was happy, you overjoyed

The journey might not be smooth
But i enjoy every bit of it
For we face it together
Thus Our friendship is like a flower


  1. a heartfelt write .... but then friendship is so much from heart ...

  2. Pretty
    Thanx dear.. Yea while writing abt friendship the words jus flow :)

  3. beautiful:)
    loved the last few lines...true wen we are with frnds..we enjoy every bit of the journey called life:)

  4. Rose
    Ya n its easy to write when we experience such things..

  5. awesome read you know how to touch hearts

  6. FreeLancer
    Glad i touched ur heart..


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