May 2, 2009

about him

I saw him come through my house. I knew he was uncomfortable at once. This was just the 2nd time I saw meeting him. He slept throughout our first meeting. He had a tiring journey just 6hrs prior. I saw him smile in his sleep. I almost had fallen in love then. But today, I just knew this was one bond never to break. 

He came in apprehensive. Looking around trying to see if he recognised a face. He gave his mom the why-can't-we-leave look. Oh, I didnt want him to leave. I looked at him to convey this. He realised, I think. He stared at me. I stared back. There was this connection. I hope he realised it too. Suddenly, I dont know why. I opened my arms and he came right in. Then, I saw him smile.  His divine, serene smile. Now, I never wanted to let go. Never ever. The smile turned into a chukle and then a laugh. 

Now, I know what heaven feels like. The smile of a 4-month old angel. My baby cousin, Rehaan :)


  1. aaaawwwww rash its soo cute...i love kids n honestly yes its heaven to c little kids smile t u...loads of hugs n kisses to ur cousin from my side....mmmuuaaahhh rehaan

  2. rehaan ...sweet name

    i am sure he must be very cute

  3. awww!!!!

    my stance: boys are cute till they're 4 year old :P

  4. LOL@ Asbah's comment..:)

    Rehan is a cutie.. you penned it so beautifully that even I saw a smile. :D

  5. arey, kya matching names! rehaan and rashi! :D

  6. cte:)
    @ Asbah
    y dis nainsaafi wid 5 yr olds:D


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