May 22, 2009

Readers' Choice Awards - Lol Thursdays

Hello Family,

You can start voting for the best entry on 'LOL Thursday'. It's very delightful to know that LOL Thursday had 25 entries.

Your votes should be written in the comments section of this post.


Now the results of 'Teary Wednesdays'.

Best Prose

Runner Up -Best Prose

Best Poetry
Dear Mom by Aarthi (4 votes) and

Runner Up - Best Poetry

*The results are purely based on your votes here

Happy Lounging!!



  1. Lovely posts all of them !! still these stood apart :) .

    and thanks to the two ppl who thot my post worthy to stand here :)

  2. My voted for LoL Thursday are :

    Prose - Dramatic verse by Rose ( i could not guess its not Sandeep's work ) it left me in splits !!

    Poetry - Hashan's work on mosquito !! some creativity i see

  3. Prose -
    Arjun's Midnight Outing

    It had me laughing.. :)


    Sandeep's creative 'evolution!!' it was a class apart.

    Hashan's write on mosquito.. only he could do something like that...

    Thank you all for voting for 'bruised innocence'. I am honoured.. Congratulation to Saim (his was my personal favorite)
    and also to Aarthi, Ms R and Pratsie.. :)

  4. congrats winners...

    My picks for LoL thursday are...(many posts were in hindi...n i'm pathetic in votin for english ones...)


    Dramatic verse by rose...was very cool n creative..
    Revenge by miss sunshine....was funny reading it..


    Hashan's mosquito post...its really difficult trying get LoLs on poem...he did it..

  5. My votes -

    Prose -

    Sandeep's 'evolution'...always a class apart!! You cant help it but keep laughing!! :)

    Poetry -
    Machchar - A wicked cinquain!! by Hashan...

    Very creative with a touch of innocence!!


    Thank you so much guys who voted for me and even to those who did not. I never thought I could write means a lot coming from you guys...!! :)

  6. Congrats Kaju, Aarthi, Ms. R, Saim n Prats....Thanks for all those tears :-) :-)

    My votes for ROFLMAO Thursdays:

    Prose: Arjun's midnight outing. Class is permanent. Though writing after some time, this bro of mine hit a six with the first ball he faced after the break. Hilarious as usual. Simple language..excellently partner in crime :-)

    Poetry: partner in crime-2...for his mosquito n lessons in excellence 6...he he he...keep on it bro...the thought of the mosquito one...the execution...n the humour quotient...all up there...amazing one bro :-)

    Thanks for all who voted for me for "My first crush"....I am glad that it made its way up there...cheers!!

  7. Prose: Undoubtedly Evolution

    Poetry: again undoubtedly, Macchar :P

  8. Prose -
    Arjun's Midnight Outing
    It was very humorous and a nice write.


    Sandeep's celebrity marraiages'
    A nice work :)perfect lol

  9. poetry:

    There was only one poem :( ..can I vote for my own poem??

  10. Aww that's so sweet of everyone. Congrats to all the winners.

    I vote for
    Evolution by Sandeep Balan and Celebrity Marriages by him again.

    Hashan's :D


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