May 20, 2009

Is it easy to forget ?

He asked me to forget him
is it really that easy?
it hurts even to think so
leave alone really doing it.

why did he ever bring
such joys to my dull life
how can he now,not worry
to leave tears in my eyes?

I begged him not to go
i could not see any reason,
I told i would do anything
to keep him with me all seasons.

all i could do is to wait
for him to get some sense
in moving away from me,
i know he even hurt himself.
ps : This poem was written by me one year back for my best friend. And gladly he got his senses withing 24 hrs :)


  1. Good one Prats.... vry expressive.....

  2. When ur P.S happens always.. it wld be so much better na.. !! :)

    Aptly expressed poem Prats..!! :)


  3. Nice poem...

    as Arjun said..
    Its better to have PS happen sometimes in love n friendship...make it more stronger...

  4. Things which I once thought, that I could tell "him".. Now you say it..

  5. beautiful words Prats:)
    did he get back to his sense after reading this???

  6. @Arun .. i have to agree !! too much love dsnt last :)

  7. well done Pratsie. very well done, for making your friend realise what he was missing on.. :D

  8. Fighting and getting back is where the essence of all relations lies..

    A very expressive one prats..:)

  9. made me remember sumthn about my past nostalgic

  10. thankuu all fr the read frnds !! i know this happens with all of us smtimes !!


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