May 30, 2009



The last two weeks of theme based writing has seen you all chipping in with your works. A big hug for accepting the challenge and lighting up our lounge with your works. We all know that writers are moody and its really tough to get yourself to write according to the theme of the day. Yet, you gave it a shot. That's what makes our lounge special. That's what makes us stand out.

Change is the only thing that is constant at our lounge. True to the billing of "forever changing" lounge, we throw a new challenge to all the members here. The theme based writing moves over and is replaced with a picture based theme for the next 4 weeks. How does this work? Read on.

"PIC-NIC" is what we are calling this picture based theme here at the lounge. Every week there will be a picture put for all of us here. The interpretation of the pic is completely on you and you are free to write either a poetry or a story on the basis of your interpretation. Whether you interpret and write a funny story, a sad one, a happy one, a love story, a poetry or anything under the sky...we leave it on you. So the only thing that matters is your mood on the day you decide to write and your interpretation of the picture. It will be better for the readers if you can add a small note of your interpretation of the picture. There is no other constraint or rule for this theme. Let your imagination run wild.

Here is the first picture for this week. Have a look at it...listen to what your brain interprets it as...bring out the pen and the paper....oops..the mouse and the keyboard for the e-generation....and pen your masterpiece. The new picture will be up next Sunday. You can post all your enteries for this picture till next Sunday.

This is the picture for this week:

What are you waiting for? Get....Set....Go.........

Please use your name, "prose/poetry" and "Pic-Nic" as labels for this activity. Avoid too many labels.

P.S: Pls mail us any interesting pictures which can be the theme for next week on


Sandeep Balan

-On behalf of WL admin


  1. hamesha khush raho.... ye padh ke mere dil se blessings nikli..

  2. Hey... sounds good...
    maybe a scene for the next picture? like countryside, city, village etc etc. I'll see what I can find and if I find anything I will mail it =]

  3. a great step.... yes its great we have the best lounge :d

  4. interesting change at the Lounge..!!!!

  5. Wait... the picture is like a toilet sign? All I can see is a man trying to jump over the wall to get into the woman's toilet...
    lol. But I'll try and see something other than that and write about it...

  6. interesting thing ! hope i gets free enough to write something :)


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