May 30, 2009

Mona's Help

"Hi!" Mona said enthusiastically. She rushed up to me, gave me a H-U-G-E hug and nearly knocked me over! "Hey Mona... long time no see. What's the occasion?" I said, wondering why Mona was acting so excited. She was normally very, very shy, even to her best friends. "Oh my Goodness Vikram! Where have you been? Didn't you see me on TV?" she shouted in my ear. She practically deafened me. "Uh, well if I ever want to watch TV again you better not shout in my ear." I said, annoyed. I will never understand why girls need to shout even if their talking to someone 1 foot away from them! "Whatever. Anyway, you know on TV, on The Writers Lounge channel, where you talk about poems and stories and basically all works of writing, I was guest-starring!" Mona said, totally not lowering her voice level. "Cool! Wait... what's The Writers Lounge?" Vikram asked.
I KNOW! Imagine not knowing what TWL is! But now, Vikram is so clued up about all TWL stuff! He's a new admin on TWL website, he co-hosts TWL channel, and he has written a Writers Lounge autobiography! All this in less than a year! But he does have me to thank for all this... I showed him the channel and the website! That's what friends are for...



  1. :)....see properly are always there in his writings...some where in his thoughts..!!!

  2. :) rosh, ur my favourite writer from now on!

  3. Yamini Meduri- not sure I get your comment... but hey I don't get a lot of things...

    Miss Sunshine- aaaah :) thanks! =] I'm so happy!



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