May 21, 2009

Oops !!

1st day at work.
Boss Sandeep to Ste : welcome...Be good, you will be fine.
After a week.Ste to Boss Sandeep : Good morning Sandeep,How are you doing?
Sandeep(in black suit black tie) : Morning !..hey you must work hard.
After a month...Ste : Hello Sandeep!
Sandeep( white shirt,black tie..coat is at hanger) : You must Work very hard you know!
After a Quarter....( Ste tried to escape but found Sandeep in front of him): Hi
Sandeep( white shirt, tie is on head) :Can you hear me, you must work hard!!!
Ste: Yes..
Sandeep: Hmm.. meet me after lunch.
After lunch Ste goes to Sandeep's cabin : Hello, you called me after lunch.
sandeep: yes..take this new think will reduce your work by half.
Ste: Oh..great..Can I have two?


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