May 21, 2009

Mind power !

Wherever you go,you always find people who ll steal your valuable things. It can be your apartment,your office,the bus you travel daily,trains,even airports.The crooks are everywhere.You cant escape them.You cannot stop them.They will find you.Unfortunately, you are usually not able to find them and wonder who's the culprit.But they find you and your valuables almost all the time.

And then there are certain places where you are bound to leave yr valuables in public places, for eg while traveling in train,you dont want to carry yr suitcase everytime you feel like going to the toilet, or do you take it??The swimming pool and the temple are one such places where you have to leave yr footwear in a very vulnerable place.the swimming pool is worse coz u have to leave yr mobilephone too.

Thats why we come up with ideas.Ideas which we think will confuse the crooks.Ideas which will keep our valuables hidden away from the culprit's eyes.For eg at the temple you ll come up with the idea of keeping yr shoes and then covering them up with other's shoe. You feel confident that what kind of a person will come and checkout this heap of footwear and then steal away yr pair of reebok...??Or some people come up with the separation theory. What they do is keep the left one in one side and then the right one away from it.So that the criminal gives up searching for the other pair even if he/she finds the first one. Many a times the owners themselves get confused in finding their pair of footwear.

And then the best of all,which is used at swimming pools without lockers.You might have seen poeple who are very shy to remove their clothes when you see them inside the changing room. They are not shy bcoz you ll see them half-naked, with a big belly or anatomy that may not resemble a normal male's anatomy.They know you will have that oppurtunity to see them thay way at the swimming pool.Why they wait for you to leave the place or enter the bathroom?I ll tell you. What they do is after you leave the place is, they remove their shoes and then put their mobilephone inside the shoes and then go for the swim, thinking whose gonna check that place out?They think,what kind of a genius mind would penetrate this immortal fortress of security.They keep them deep inside the toes and then cover the heels with their socks that would keep the crook away even if he/she happens to come near the footwear. So what they do is enjoy the swimming and then if at all the thought crosses their mind... they would say " come on!!! My socks were smelly,I didnt wash them for a week,the crook wont dare enter inside the locker room,forget abt making contact with my footwear.... :D

I wonder what will happen if the phone starts vibrating inside the show and the shoe starts moving here and there and stops right next to a criminal who has a blocked nose... :D


  1. hehehe...!!

    Just woke up and i started y day perfectly with the Lounge....thanks for the LOL Thursdays...!!!

  2. the last line was killier !!! imagine to see it happen :P

  3. very nice artle. keep it up.. i will be back for more information. pls visit my blog


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