May 20, 2009

No tomorrow...

She held tightly onto him. He held on to her too..Feeling her touch on his skin did wonders. She was in a mood to dance. They jumped and skipped and hopped and locked. She danced gracefully and he showed her the way. The night was on and it seemed to be the beginning of a day for them..He held her and twirled around here and there. They danced under the moonlight like there was no tomorrow.But the dance ended sooner than they thought as time had come for him to go...

"This night has been amazing sweet heart..." he said kissing her cheeks.

"Oh it has..." she said blushing

"Now its too late...Im leaving" he said sadly

"I await tomorrow" she forced a smile though she was unhappy inside. It was her birthday tomorrow and he had planned a surprise for her.

"Bye" he bid and off he was...

Dhoom dhoom dhadam...dush....she heard the noise of the guns and bombs. She was afraid. She sat in a corner and cried..Then she switched on the TV as she was clueless about the happenings.

"There has been a mumbai terror attack" the reporter said "Because of the attack the people who were passing Taj have been injured or have been killed. Some names were found through license and id cards." she reported in Hindi. Then some names flashed on the screen with the pictures. She saw it..his picture.



She was speechless. Her jaws dropped open and she wept her heart out. She cried as she knew the truth. Everything went blank, it was like nothing existed. She knew that he was gone. She knew it was because of terror. She knew....that there was no tomorrow....


  1. Oh Sonshu,

    The Taj episode again...but an insight into the lives of those who lost their loved ones in that attack...nicely done! :)



  2. This one was teary indeed.. 'he saw it, his picture, killed'. The story could have ended right there.. Her emotions should have been left for the reader to imagine.. 'Killed' mentioned there hit me real hard. and I was like 'gosh what an end!'

    Sandeep has taught me how to attempt fiction, till then I used to write only poetries. He always tells me that we should leave a lot of imagination to the readers' mind, only then he gets involved in the story and feels the expressions in a better way, than giving all the details..

    Hugs Sonshu, I am a learner myself, what I've learnt I thought I'd convey to you..

    And we all know, that you are our lil angel who writes oh so beautifully..

  3. @The Pink Orchid: Oh thanks so much for telling and pointing out my mistakes. Its a blessing to have teachers like you here. I will surely keep that in mind next time i write.

  4. Nice story sonshu...
    very depressing...fits teary wednesday...
    I also agree with pinky...some emotions are better left unsaid...but different people have different styles of writing...its upto u...

    hmmm.this teary wednesday is killing me...
    am already sad n these bunch of stories are depressin me...have to stay away.. :-)

  5. A very well conceptualised story connecting with a tragic real life incident..

    "she saw it..his picture..KILLED.."

    hard hitting lines..
    n yea i agree wid Kajal tht ending thr wud hve been better..
    Nevertheless i really liked it alot..

  6. It hurts wen hopes and dreams die !! so beautifully written ..

  7. I can't imagine the pain of losing someone you love so dearly.. Nice one Sonshu :)

  8. u r too good for ur age Sonshu..!! Dont ask me how i kno ur age.. hehe :)

    Nice story here... U'll learn a lot in WL... That's the best part here.. :)


  9. @Arun: Thanks!!! Hheheh but do read them...

  10. @Arjun: oh those words made me smile. Thanks..

    I wont ask u how u knw my age as all here do!

  11. Sensitive. 11.26 evokes depressing reactions.

  12. yeah, i will second Kaj, the last paragraph could be skipped ..

    but then it is ur piece :) me likes anyway

  13. painful .sad

    happened to my friend .... . she lost her boyfrnd


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