May 20, 2009

LOVE is all you need...all you need is LOVE

They were the best couple there was to be,
from best friends to lovers they transformed in glee...

hand in hand they used to walk,
eyes on each other around the clock.

the late night calls, the million texts...

in the starry nights and the dreamy days.

for 7 months.... all they knew was bliss...

Not even the Gods could stop what they pleased.

Then came august and with it the pain

Coz she left him one day and hopped onto a plane.

Devastated, forlorn.... he cried out for her

Poor guy's heart broke down forever

She left him there and it wasn't her fault
And with her gone...his life was lost

Love you forever....was what they said

but the vow to be together got erased

24th august.... the night she left

Etched in time will be the date always
He thought of her until it hurt

Soul in fury and heart torn apart

For days he remained all alone...

waited for her call....his hands on the phone

She missed him too...he could feel

He craved to hear her voice....her innocent giggle

He knew where she was but there was nothing to do

the pain of uncertainty in love is ever so true
Memories and tears....into words they turned alive

He took out his pen and slowly started to write.........

P.S| this is not a work of fiction...:P
It's a part of my past....a very terrifying and painful past. But don't just start thinking this was the end mates. Freelancer doesn't believe in giving up...Specially not the one who stole his heart....Love yu all


  1. Good dude...... Dont give up.....
    U'll surely get her one day.....

  2. That's the spirit FL!

    Btw, about the poem, I loved the wy you rhymed it. The flow was maintained thru out. Good going! :D

  3. stunning real and well expressed Freelancer. for a moment u make readers feel its a case of love lost :P

  4. @ sam
    thanx a ton buddy...yu wil be glad to know that we are still together

  5. @FL,
    Sam was rt.... i tot u lost her..... sorry bro....

  6. bestest of wishes freelancer
    every word of this poem testified that it was not a work of fiction :)

    nice read! and nice rhyming.. liked it

  7. Oh..I am so very glad to knw tht you are still together..

    Btw the poen is really gud..
    The rhyme is just perfect and telling a story thru a poem is Just so catchy..:)

  8. @ .a.
    thanx for the wishes buddy...
    i need them for the future

  9. simple words..expressed beautifully FL..loved it..
    I always love it when reality finds its way into fiction...

  10. dnt ever give up dude !! but u know ... mst gals will never tell wats gone wrong .. so its a tough job :|

    awesome rhyme :)

  11. Hmmmm...not a survivor but a true sense :)


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