May 26, 2009

The True Spirit of the Game

The IPL is over, with it's winners, losers and controversies kept alive the,

The True Spirit of the Game

The best from around the world
at the top of their game
compete in a huge rat race,
to finish first among their mates;
With their skills and technique,
they make magic in front of billions all over the world.
And only those who devote every minute
will ever finish; as it takes only the elite.

But guts and glory is not all.
Blood, sweat and tears are part and all.
Years of practice, preservation and determination
narrows down to the present one moment.
As tension rises, blood boils,
eyes bulge and the heart rapidly pumps.
The spectacle will run undisrupted,
unhindered and unbounded.

This game, the spectacle is the best,
played by the elite all over the world,
for the hopes and pride of the billions who watch.
It’s called as the gentleman’s play
and all who play follow that simple way.
Winning and losing is part of the game,
but the real magic is upholding the name;

- To play in the true spirit of the game


  1. wow! I loved your spirit , as in the poem :P :)

  2. nice! good work with the poem.

  3. nice poem yaar
    bahut badhia
    i also wrote a poem in IPL-1
    you can check that poem in the LOunge i posted here sometime back

  4. awesome ending lines !! :)


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