May 11, 2009

WL Movie Caption Contest!

Hi folks,

I'm planning to organise a MOVIE CAPTION CONTEST soon at The Writers' Lounge (the contest will also be open to readers of my blog and possibly Raghav's blog too/I'll confirm this when I hear from him, so the competition could be 'fierce'!). The best two entries will win a DVD each (DVD titles to be decided soon). The best part of it, five best entries will be chosen by you, TWL members, through votes! And then the final two winners from the 5, will be chosen by me and Raghav through a final round.

But before going ahead with it, I wanted an opinion poll, whether you would prefer Bollywood or Hollywood movies? Please cast your vote in the poll below. Also any suggestions are welcome in the comments section.

And...for a warm-up round, here's a picture for you to form any number of captions! (No prizes for this one!)


P.S. Please cast your vote by 24 have time!


  1. i liked this !! but please confirm once again .. u want us to guess the movie name or give our own captions to the pic u post ?

  2. hmmm...i think both hollywood and bollywood movies would be a kewl idea...

  3. okies !! i guess than any movie will be fine .. its fun to give captions to pics u havent seen !!

  4. I only hope that many people participate in it! Why don't you guys have a go with the pic I've posted? (the Andaz Apna Apna one)..I'll post two more this Wednesday for some warm-up! ;)

  5. any word limit ?? it better be there :)

  6. Yeah, there'll be a word limit. Say maximum 50 words for now. I guess even one-word captions can be very very effective at times! Give it a shot!

  7. ok.. my first try :

    "only the door to one's dreams can let the whole world enter together.. for rest, there is a Q"

  8. Good one! :)
    Try a funny one now :D

    Others join in too please!

  9. funny one ?? m not good at being funny !! but will try wen m free

  10. wht is this all about bhargav???

    btw .....Ste here!!!!

  11. woahhhh!!!!! Bhargav superb intitative!!! people are gonna love this!!!!

  12. Ste:

    Caption contest! It's gonna be fun! Do take part in it :)

    Thank you thank you :D Even you're a part of it!

  13. title and caption both should be written together!
    only then I think one would get the real effect of the caption!
    anyways... I am off from louge till 22! will participate once I am back :)

  14. goin to be a great contest it seems..
    Eagerly waiting to participate in it...

  15. Pulkit:
    Point noted! Thanks for the suggestion :) The contest will be held after 22nd May, so you can participate!

    Yeah hopefully! Do take part!

  16. Hi,

    M bad with this, thought to give it a try anyways.. Please bear if this is unbearable :)
    "Hey dude, don't try to hit on me here.. at least when the door is open for everyone to see ;)

  17. Zendagi:
    That was good, really good! :D It'll be brilliant if we get more 'funny' captions for the contest although all kinds will be accepted and judged equally. Even the one Pretty wrote was good!

    Please do take part in the contest! It'll be online in two weeks time. Till then, there'll be some practice caption posts. Watch this space!

  18. is my try

    " bhai sallu,let me get in first, this bus goes to oscars, jaha tera koyi kaam nahi :p"

  19. Woohoo! brilliant Hashan da! You're gonna be a strong contender in the contest!

    Well done :)


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