May 4, 2009

Monday Delight - Rashi aka R.V.

Interviewee: Rashi aka R.V.

Rashi: Hi
Im here

Admin: no issues. shall we start?

Rashi: * takes a deep breath *
Hmm yes?

Admin: first question is the usual :) tell abt urself and ur blog(s).

Rashi: Well I'm Rashi. Raash to many.
My blog is simply a reflection of my thoughts and my feelings..
It is called Rocky Road because the name struck me as an interesting pun when I had the ice-cream once
So yeah thats basically that...
Lately I got a blog just for prompts
Bcas I realised my feelings were getting lost somewhere in the jungle of prompts
But now it is all ok :)

Admin: hmm... interesting... ur feeling got lost in the jungle of prompts...? interesting way to put it...
is it worth, being in the jungle of prompts?

Rashi: There are 2 reasons people or atleast 1 write
1. To express myself
2. To better my writing
The prompts help do the second...
Most of the time is possible to combine the 2 but it is very very very difficult for me
I cant let the post govern me, the way I think or feel
I need to control the post
If you can find your way out, the jungle is a beautiful place
It is somewhat like the garden of rhyme. Beautiful but not for me...

Admin: beautiful but not for you.. meaning you hate to rhyme? or that u find it difficult?

Rashi: I hate express myself the best there
I can do but like a 2-yr old

Admin: ah.. ok...

Rashi: I can't express myself the best*

Admin: i am taking a different style of approach today. i am going to mix my questions.
so Chirag from the Lounge is asking you a question.

Rashi: Ohk

Admin: He wants you to dedicate a song to him. Which would you do?

Rashi: Oh God...Dedication...Hmmm let me think
I'm so lost...

Admin: do find urself soon :) we have much more to ask u :)

Rashi: yes
I thought of the song
this may sound weird but I can associate Chirag with the Rajasthan Royal's ka theme song of season 1
Cricket for obvious reasons... and the song just connects.
Sorry, Chirag if it was the best choice!

Admin: wow.. ok! cool choice. i feel chirag will love it :D

Rashi: Yay!

Admin: to you, who is your mentor from the lounge? why would u choose him/her?

Rashi: I think mentor is the one who has the ability to inspire without overtly wanting to do so.. Hence it would
be Prats.. bcas I identify with her work a lot..

Admin: wonderful choice... a good mentor indeed.
would u prefer poetry with a particular form or just free flow?

Rashi: As I said before, expression versus style. I wish I could combine it.. But for me, it ends up being either or

Admin: ok. still which comes out more? expression or style? u told b4 abt prompts because u feel its cutting into
ur expression... but even prompts can be used to express don't u feel?

Rashi: Yes ppl who can do that, I would bow now to them
This is strictly about me..
I have read poems which are so beautiful that I didnt realise it was a prompt

Admin: Okay. Now you seem to be a lot into 55 Fiction... why is that so entrancing to you?

Rashi: I hate reading long posts
so when a story can be told in 55 words why not
it is effective, short and mostly leaves an impression of what the hell happened
It is interesting how much 55 words can say

Admin: but sometimes the expressing in 55 words seems to be very difficult. Is it really so?

Rashi: 55 words can express a moment, a feeling
A whole story yes can be difficult
And it leaves a lot to interpretation
so it doubly fun for me
I love leaving things open

Admin: good...
if u were to rename your blog "Rocky Road" to something else... what would u rename it to?

Rashi: Hmmm...
I would ask my friends to name it
For I am bad at such things

Admin: No. there is no option. YOU have to rename it. So what name would you choose.

Rashi: Ohk...
Rambles and rants and more.. :P
What do you think about that name?

Admin: very nice...
Rambling Ranting Rashi :D

Rashi: haha yeah alliteration

Admin: when did you join WL?

Rashi: I joined WL in Nov if Im not wrong
Bcas Asbah was describing with such passion
Once in, I loved it

Admin: First friend you met at WL.. excluding those who u knew before joining.

Rashi: I guess Leo...
After the rain contest

Admin: Rain contest? cool.. what was ur story based on? Do you get inspired by the rain?

Admin: sorry, the pwrcuts are a headache.

Rashi: no probls

Admin: Was about to ask you "You met Leo after the Rain Contest. Do you get inspired by the rain?"

Rashi: Rains are the most amazing thing
Yes I get isnpired a lot when it rains
Everything is so fresh and new-like

Admin: Was that the theme of ur story?

Rashi: The story was about cleansing power of rain
I believe was called Cleasner

Admin: oh ok. you are an admin at WL correct?

Rashi: Hmm yes
It says so on the header

Admin: Kajal, another admin asks you "if you had to change one thing in the lounge what would that be?"

Rashi: I would change the newly found misbehaviour
Those who know what I'm talking about will understand
Or I wish the Chat box could be moderated too

Admin: Misbehaviour at WL? where?

Rashi: Certain elements were trying to act smart.. Well lets not give them too much importance shall we?

Admin: good point.

Rashi: :)

Admin: what has been the proudest moment of Rashi's blogging life so far?

Rashi: hmmm would be when I won that 2nd runners up for inspiration contest
It wasnt expected at all
I would have done a Ms. India style reaction.. :)

Admin: I see... why didn't you expect to win? Surely everyone expects their post to win and not lose! :)

Rashi: Yes
But still you know when you are done writing
and more so on reading other ppl
what your chances are

Admin: I see... What are your hobbies? Other than blogging, what do u love to do?

Rashi: I love to read.. and now a days talk on the phone :P
Music too is an important part of my day

Admin: what sort of music do u listen to?

Rashi: Anything and everything except death metal
I need to understand the lyrics for me to enjoy music

Admin: ok... which is more painful? loving and losing or never loving at all?

Rashi: never loving
To never experience that feeling is terrible

Admin: I see... have u experienced one or both of these feelings?

Rashi: Of loving and losing?

Admin: is it? ok... we'll not ask u to recollect that ... other than being a blogger, what do u do? are u working or

Rashi: both

Admin: in what way?

Rashi: : I'm doing my final year BA in Psychology and I also work/volunteer for this organisation called Make A

Admin: : ah... i see :)

Rashi: : :D

Admin: : Nandini from the WL asks why you chose Psychology as your major?

Rashi: Bcas I saw that I could connect with the subject very well. I could see myself doing this long-term and I
think I was a little cuckoo in the head when I chose it..

Admin: : hahah ok... hope that answers ur question Nan :)

Rashi: : I know :)

Admin: : now there are many Hindi poets at WL... who'd u say is the best? rank the Hindi poets from 1st to 3rd.
top 3. :)

Rashi: : 1. Asbah
2. Kajal
3. Tan

Admin: : don't u write in Hindi?

Rashi: : I cant express myself well there.. Vocab issues
Ask the people I talk in Hindi to :P

Admin: : oh? ok...
how would Rashi describe Asbah...? u knew her before WL itself... and she's the one convinced u to become a
part of this family... u must have lot to say about her.. :)

Rashi: : She is my reflection or I'm hers... No1 will ever know.
Thats the best I can say about her.
If I were ALL nice, I would be her... :)

Admin: : hmm... hearts joining across borders... beautiful what the blog world does... :)

Rashi: : Oh yeah...

Admin: : there are new talents in WL these days... do u feel that they need to be given free reign? or that they can
learn from more older WL members?

Rashi: : Let them write and read and learn IF they want. It is personal... You cant force anything

Admin: : who would u say is the newcomer that has impressed u the most with his/her writes?

Rashi: I was just reading Ms. R
and boy oh boy, she takes me by surprise

Admin: : in what way?

Rashi: : She is good with her writes
let me put that better
She is brilliant with it

Admin: : wow.. hat trick for Ms.R :) three interviews in a row, she gets WL Best Newcomer Award

Rashi: : Well yeah!

Admin: : Rashi.. hmm.. interesting name.. what does it mean?

Rashi: : Currency or horoscope :)

Admin: : who gave u such a beautiful name? :)

Rashi: My mom ..... And I love it! :)

Admin: : thats nice! we love it too...
now many Lounge members have u met so far?

Rashi: : 3 if Im counting right

Admin: : all Mumbaikars?

Rashi: : yes
Soon very soon.. other cities

Admin: : i see... who would u like to meet from other cities first?

Rashi: Thats an unfair question
I would love to go to Blore and Delhi first if I can!

Admin: : still... if u wer to meet more than one person at a time... a non Mumbai meet :) who all would u meet ?

Rashi: : a person at a time then it would take forever

Admin: : ok..
who all together then? :)

Rashi: then I would expect all of the lounge to be here for my bday party :) I save on air fare

Admin: : no no.. u were to go to Bangalore or Delhi, who would u meet togeteher

Rashi: : hehe
In Blore : :Leo, Prats, Tan, Arjun (and whoever is in Blore..I cant think of anyone else who is there..Im bad at
In Delhi: Shweta, Aarthi, Nab , Ashrita .. I cant think of anyone else who is there
Basically, I would ask everyone to come over where-ever I was
I would be new to the city you see

Admin: : ur treat eh?

Rashi: : why not?

Admin: : good. we'd try n come for ur b'day too dont worry.

Rashi: : YAY

Admin: : Anurag asks who'd u say inspires ur poems most...? i am talking not only of bloggers but family othher
friends anyone... :)

Rashi: : There is this friend who evokes the most emotions in me... I guess it would be him.

Admin: : and if a WL member were to visit Rocky Road, which piece of urs would u tell him to read first?
meaning to say which is ur favorite...

Rashi: : hmmm...
My favourite is the one I wrote for my mom... but then it wouldnt be the first I would ask some1 to read

Admin: : ur mom would be delighted to hear that :) which would be the first then?

Rashi: : my first poem "an ode:

Admin: : ok. come on Members... u know which to read first! get over to Rocky Road!
Rashi: : :)
Oh did I mention this is my first interview? I have never given one
even in college for anything
I feel famous :P

Admin: : oh wow... :D a milestone!
is Rashi an introvert or an extrovert?

Rashi: : depends on the situation and the person

Admin: : i see.., passionately fierce or fiercely passionate?

Rashi: : fiercely passionate

Admin: : is love eternal or only till death, why?

Rashi: neither
Love is till you want it to be..
it could go on eternally if you want..

Admin: : do you have such a love? an eternal one?

Rashi: : yes my brother :)

Admin: : ahh so sweet :) must be very friendly to be with :)

Rashi: : well sometimes
Mostly we fight , argue and bicker and kick each other off the bed

Admin: : ah thats the life :D

Rashi: : The best kind

Admin: : who would u run to when you are sad,,, a friend or parent?

Rashi: : Friend.. Mom knows everything already you see..She is the voice of my conscience

Admin: : ah.. she is :) good.. :)
kajal from lounge asks "what would be the one thing you would change in your past! :)

Rashi: : i know atleast 1 person I hurt bcas of recklessness
I wish I could take that back

Admin: : I see... is Rashi always reckless or does it come out unknowingly? :)

Rashi: : im impulsive
Reckless not sure

Admin: : ok... u write both poems and prose.. which u prefer more?

Rashi: : used to prefer peoms but now prose

Admin: : ok.... what would make you delete Rocky Road, if ever such a day would come.

Rashi: If you wake up one morning to find RR gone
Blame google

Admin: : google? :O

Rashi: : yeah it would be their fault not tht i deleted it

Admin: : haha :D ok.. so nice...
now we'll head for a break... its noon now... what time would u like to come back?

Rashi: : hmmm what time you free?

Admin: : 4 or later?

Rashi: : sure

Admin: : fine. see u then.

Rashi: : :D

Admin: : Helloz Rashi, shall we continue?

Rashi: : yes

Admin: : What would you do if two members were bickering and each had their valid reasons to think they were

Rashi: : does it always have to be an either or situation? Both could be right in their ways
But if I believe one is right I would explain why I think so

Admin: : Hmm... ok! suppose you and a friend were having an argument, would you apologize to end the
argument even if you know the fault wasn't yours?

Rashi: : I wouldnt apologize but I wouldnt argue anymore
I would just shut up
I can be very cold if need be

Admin: : Hmm... you mentioned working with an organization called MAD before...
Prats would like to know more about that part of you :) and I am sure so would the Lounge.

Rashi: The MAD side of me :P
hmmm I love doing something
Being a part of something BIG
like being a small wheel in a big clock...
MAD lets me do that

Admin: : what basically is MAD...? what is it all about?

Rashi: : MAD is Make A Difference
A youth portal which isnt sitting down and JUST partying
We are socially aware people who know what the need of the hour is Education
We know there is a disparity in the have and have nots
and we try to bridge this gap
bcas without that we lose the right to complain
We are right now 800 volunteers teaching 3000+ children in 11 cities

Admin: : that is a very worthy cause :) nice to know that you are part of the foundation.
have you worked with any other portals like MAD before?

Rashi: : Yes I have. With 2 actually. One being a 2 month internship which was a big eye opener..
and another where I volunteer for 8 beautiful months and had to give it up for very heart breaking reasons

Admin: : I see... well, maybe u could take that up again later... :)

Rashi: : Yes with MAD Im back on track

Admin: : good! Lounge contests are quite the festivity aren't they? What according to you would be the next
contest? Leo was wanting a Picture Based contest so both prose and poems can be
waht abt you?

Rashi: : yeah that sounds interesting
I remember the Ascension contest at clarity of night
It was fun
I always agree with leo you know

Admin: : hmm.. :) is it? :P so if Leo told there is gold in a well, let us jump.. would you jump?

Rashi: I would ask him to jump in and throw some gold out
We need some1 to bring him out too
I wouldnt wanna be stuck there and not enjoy the gold
That would be sad, right?

Admin: : yeah.. good point... but what if you cannot pull him out by yourself?

Rashi: I will call everyone from the lounge
dial L for Lounge

Admin: : LOL :D nice...
do you think a contest where both Hindi and English entries is there, it is probable?

Rashi: : yes the picture contest would allow that haina?

Admin: : that would depend on the judge right?
or maybe perhaps multiple judges?

Rashi: : we could have 2 judges
we think alike, Admin :)

Admin: : hmm... let us see what happens! :) who would you say is the most shy person at Lounge? from those who
u have interacted with..

Rashi: hmmm...
Shy? I dont think anyone is really shy....
But Insi comes across as coy

Admin: : :) Insi, time to become more talkative! :D

Rashi: : :D

Admin: : hmm...if you were to choose between physics and chemistry, which would you say is your favorite?

Rashi: : Chemistry
There is no physics involved in love

Admin: : I see... Steph has a question for you...
He wants you to associate the Newton's Third Law with the Lounge :)

Rashi: : Oh for every action there is equal and opposite reaction..
Isnt that it?

Admin: : I prefer chemistry myself :P but yes thats it :)

Rashi: : Oh then, as most before have agreed that we inspire should be added to our tagline
that law seems to fit in right?

Admin: : how?

Rashi: : I write .. Someone reacts
Hence there is a reaction
Phew I havent done physics for 5 yrs now..

Admin: : you mean the great replies to one another? very impressive example ... :)
have you written many of these replies?
hello? are you there?

Rashi: : yes sorry
door bell
yeah i havent written some

Admin: : who has then?

Rashi: : I have*

Admin: : oh ok! :)
what would you say is flourishing these days at WL? poems or prose?

Rashi: : both each have their strengths

Admin: : ok Rashi, do hurry :)

Rashi: : yea
back :)

Admin: : right.. Hashan would like to know what the pictures of Rocky Road define?

Rashi: : loneliness
Have you watched the video of Tanha dil?
Somewhat like that

Admin: : ok,,, now lets liven this boring afternoon... rapid fire :P
no time to think.

Rashi: : ok

Admin: : do you believe in life after death? why?

Rashi: : Yes
Bcas my mom is physically absent but is my guarding angel

Admin: : oh am sorry.

Rashi: : Not at all
Im not sorry about anything that happened

Admin: : Glass half empty or Glass half full?

Rashi: : full

Admin: : why?

Rashi: : Bcas even in the emptiness there is something
maybe it is vacuum, there is something

Admin: : Candlelight dinner or a day at the library reading a book together? :P

Rashi: : Dinner
I cant read book with someone :P
But i would love to read in his lap :P

Admin: : lol :D a date with Cristiano Ronaldo or a meeting with Sachin Tendulkar?

Rashi: : None
Ronaldo is dumb :P I would be put off by Sachin's voice
I like smart men with deep voice

Admin: : Cricket or Tennis?

Rashi: : Cricket to watch

Admin: : More important: Brains or Heart?

Rashi: : heart always

Admin: : What decides how rich one is? Money or something else? If else,tell what and why.

Rashi: : Support of others
Everything decides

Admin: : good answer! :) Love or Friendship, which matters more?

Rashi: : Love is friendship with fringe benefits

Admin: : hmm... Can a fight be the start of a relationship? How?

Rashi: : yes
Anything can spark off love

Admin: : hmm.. can a devil have a halo and angel have horns?

Rashi: : yes

Admin: : why?

Rashi: : Anything is possible
most of us are angels with horns

Admin: : what is the differnce between loving someone and liking someone?

Rashi: : Like is selfish
Love is selfles
If you expect nothing back
Not even love
then it is the truest love

Admin: : If not Rashi, what name would you have prefered?

Rashi: : I dont know about preferred
But dadi wanted to name me Aditi
So I guess thats what it would have been

Admin: : :) favorite nickname?

Rashi: : so many

Admin: : choose one most favorite

Rashi: : I love Leo calling me Baby.... Reminds me of a dear friend who used to do that

Admin: Do you believe in a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow?

Rashi: : no the rainbow is sprinkled with gold

Admin: : Monsoon or Summer?

Rashi: : Monsoon

Admin: : Most romantic city in the world?

Rashi: : where-ever we are

Admin: :) ok... we'll wrap it up with a few more members questions :)

Rashi: : yay

Admin: : Prats has 4 questions for you.

Rashi: : woah baby

Admin: : first...what acc to you is your best strength and worst weakness...?

Rashi: : best strength is my ability to connect, I guess...I can understand what the person feels and relate it to
myself quite easily
worst weakness is my mood swings
Im terribly moody

Admin: : second... what is one thing you will never write on?

Rashi: : Never say never?

Admin: she wants an answer :)
current state atleast... right now what would u say u will never write on :)

Rashi: : How I hate my friends?
That is an experience I dont want to even imagine

Admin: thats nice...
hope u wont have to.

Rashi: : :D I hope so too

Admin: third.. one thing u haven't written on yet, but want to write.

Rashi: Suicide... Insi had written something and I loved it
and wanted to write but never could

Admin: ok... maybe u will soon..

Rashi: Yeah I hope

Admin: fourth and the big one... :) is...

Rashi: hmmm

Admin: what makes you such a good friend?

Rashi: Wow thats a gr8 compliment
Im all smiles
I guess having such amazing people around me who appreciate me as I am... and consider me as a good frnd

Admin: i see :)

Rashi: :D

Admin: Aparna asks "what is favorite curse word?"

Rashi: hehe
I say fuck a lot... especially when Im sad

Admin: oh.. :) i see... she also asks "where do u think you will go? heaven or hell? why"

Rashi: i dont believe in hell
If God is forgiving
then why hell
We would just reincarnate till the bad karma is gone

Admin: very good and interesting answer! true too...
now... for the last question that I have right now..

Rashi: YAY

Admin: its is from Anurag... he asks "how come you are always online?"

Rashi: bcas Im the most vella person...:P
Seriously, I keep getting a lot of mails from MAD that I prefer answering asap

Admin: heheh :) ok. if anyone else has any question for you, then they will do so in the comments section of the
interview :)
or if time permits, will add on to it after gettin a reply from you.
thank you for ur time and patience :)
was a pleasure interviewing you :)

Rashi: yay thanks for being so nice...
I was planning to bribe you not to ask me certain things
but you were damn sweet, Admin :D

Admin: what things? :)

Rashi: Na Interview over

Admin: tell me :) will ask u :P interview reopened.

Rashi: No... Shuush now

Admin: ok. :D

Rashi: :D :D

Next Monay Delight with Insiya aka Illusion


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