May 4, 2009

Life Isn't About...!

Life isn't the bundle of roses,

Life isn't the snow clad ground,

Life isn’t all what you want,

Life isn’t all what you need,

Life isn't the melody you want to play,

Life isn't the tune you want to dance to,

Life isn’t the play you direct,

Life isn't the story you write,

Life isn’t the story you want to narrate,

Life isn't the dew you wanted to fall on the leaves,

Life isn’t your dream come true,

Life isn't the morning you desired,

Life isn’t the dusk you wished,

Life isn't the walk you want to take,

Life isn't the pages you wanted to read,

Life isn’t the game whose rules you knew,

Life isn't the guitar tune you wanted to play

Life doesn't have you as the master,

Life isn't according to your plans,

Life doesn’t follow your route,

Life isn't your walk but about your fall,

Life's isn't the red rose but the thorns attached,

Life doesn’t believe in happily after,

Life believes in death traps which are rose tinned,

Life isn’t the gamble in your favour,

Life doesn’t want the best for you,

Rather it wants you to choose what can be the best!

-------------> Nabila and Rashi<----------------

P.S. In one of the gtalk chat session, me and Rashi decided to compose something on what Life wasn't about and the result was this poem.So we post here our first combine composition :)


  1. Baapre kitne mehnat..You actually colour coded it?? Wah jee.. Cheers to us!

  2. woww!! it is fantastic!! :D loved it.. life isn't about anything else.. life isn't what is mentioned in this poem.. fantastic! kudos to you two ladies.. :D

  3. beautiful...!!!

    oerfect composition about life....nice write up friends..!!

  4. perfect definitions of what life is not

    greatly composed by you both.

    keep writing ~

  5. u kne the best part is..
    u hv included everythng abt life...
    n with perfect word...


    Cheers :)

  6. The last 4 lines made it all the more better! Cheers to both of you!

  7. roberst frost described life in 3 words
    "IT GOES ON"
    nice post!
    keep chatting! ul come up with more :P

  8. I changed all isn't to is and doesn't to does !!

    It was amazing gals :))

  9. the end result is a classic :)

  10. another double post! wow re, WL seems to be filled with people who can just complete each others words! :)

  11. Hmmm... very well introduction to life here...

    This reminds me of the long chat sessions sometimes with Pratibha, Asbah, Illusion, Rashi where we used to write together... I never did that before and then, when I did - I was amazed doing that! Good nights - often remembered :)

  12. the last two lines i loved them d true n i guess gtalk is another ground fr creativity these days....loved the flow...


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