May 4, 2009

No one can never replace you..

I remember those days... Nine years ago..

That I used to admire you so much..

And we became thick and close friends..

I used to think about you every second..

I feel shy to talk to you though you were the only one I had..

You were my life..

But, all of a sudden you stopped talking to me for a mistake I did..

I regretted a lot and asked forgiveness..

You forgave.!!

Few years later...

I stopped thinking about you all the while...

You were no more my life...

But, you were after me, this time...

We both were over possessive on each other..

The day your Mom passed away, Oh dear I will never forget that moment..

You were there on your wedding dress...

All were surrounding you to console you..

I was there also at one corner looking at you..and I was crying silently..

You were broken.. I was wordless..

Then the same day you got married..

Next day I came to your house to see you.. you were so excited on seeing me.. Oh my Baby!

OMG!!! I really Miss those cherished and Sad Moments we shared together..

You are my bestest friend.. No one can never replace you..

Now we are married.. We have our own life... and you got a cute baby angel now..

Last night you called me...

I did never expect..

I want to scream out of happiness...

I still Love you girl so much!!

My Best friend, Mafra and Me.. This pic was taken 8 years ago..:)


  1. real life experience...?
    If so very well documented...
    moments out of real life carved in poems are always unique...very well written

  2. Wow!
    What a good read.

    Its been a week since I read something on the lounge,but what a start!

    Now,I am craving for more,though I am a little hard pressed on time.

    Nice post.

  3. @Arun: Yeah reallife experience:) Thanks..:)

    @Mohita::)I Feel very happy..

  4. awww,
    a terrific dedication!

  5. it was so touching! Love you for writing this one, Princess!!

  6. beautiful and one of the best i read at the Lounge so far....!!!

    keep writing friend...!!!

  7. @ Pink: LOve yoy too dear:)

    @ Leo: :) thank you

    @ Yamini: Sure friend.. Thank you


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