May 13, 2009

Mockery of My Life

The silent prayer
The painful tears
Life’s essence long I have lost
Innocence mutilated
Conscience buried
Despise for my soul
All along I have just dug empty holes
Ashamed shadow
Rootless history
Sulking, hating
Even on the doors of hell I am left waiting
His ruthless attempts
Me shouting and moaning
Deaf ears is all I get from him
No more fight is left in me
I bow in to his victory
What was left mine?
Just a life that was gracefully turned into a mockery.


  1. very poignant,..nice poem...very well written...
    loved the line "even on the gates of hell im kept waiting..."

  2. Ouch.. must be painful this life of yours..

    Good work though!

  3. Hey Swets,
    Utterly painful.. Could feel the crushed soul... Reality or fiction??

  4. @karmasura
    thats true...but its life n u have to live it...

  5. @zendagi migzara

    thanks fr for reality or fiction i dnt think it matters...cuz emetion are all vat v all thrive on...

  6. Such a painful poem dear!!

    As you said, reality or fiction does not matter!! Emotions is the basis!!



  7. I felt the line--Just a life that was gracefully turned into a mockery--is utterly hopeless...brings out the pain just so candidly..liked it a lot:)

  8. kitna dard hai isme :(


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